Outside The Fence

The guy who owns my stable came by a few days ago, and asked if my horses wanted to eat the grass in his courtyard for him? We could just park a tractor at the entrance, and let them roam the area until the grass was gone- all I had to do was clean up after them.

Now, as tempting an offer as that may be, I had to decline. Mostly, I did so in instinct, based on my old horses, Poseidon, Apollon and Amalia, and the havoc it would have caused to let them lose, but also, and more reasonable, I did so, because the farmer has about a billion dangerous things in his yard. Like, old metal, all over the place.

He told me that the horses would back off, if it hurt… Yeah, sure, no… Not happening.

I did, slowly, agree to fence off a small patch of particular green grass and let them eat that, mostly because the boyfriend and I were set to muck out the house, and that is always easiest to do without the kids “helping”…. Sticking their nose in the wheelbarrow, getting in the way, nearly getting stabbed by the fork… Nah, it felt like a good plan, to let them find entertainment elsewhere, while we cleaned up.

So, I fenced off the small patch of grass, equipped them all with halters,  (just in case, you know,) and opened my fence.



Now, if I had done this with my old gang, this would have happened;

Amalia would have started running around at top speed, (for a thoroughbred, that is very fast,) for the first five minutes, out of excitement.

Poseidon would have freaked out, both that she was running and that there was new territory to claim, and grass to eat. He would have been standing in the middle of the small space, kicking and biting anything that came within reach.

And Apollon, trapped between his brother’s mental meltdown and Amalia’s hysterical celebration, would have grown instantly frustrated, confused and scared, and would have run straight through the new fence, to escape the situation, letting all of them lose on the road…

This is sort of, what I expected would happen. Boy, those three taught me caution well. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…

But no, my five kiddos, they just walked onto the grass and started eating. I mean, sure, Marble did find it very funny, and did try to make the others run with her, (what is it with thoroughbred mares?) but when they wasn’t up for it, she settled for eating. And sure, Tardis knew they were crossing the borders of the pasture, which always scares her; she never wants to go through the fence, not even when I lead her, but all in all, no drama at all.



Apocalipse still can’t wear a halter for more than two seconds, (headshaker,) without becoming frantic, and scratching his face, so he was excused, but the others, luckily, did not complain about wearing halters all of a sudden, so I let them keep them on, while they were on new ground. I know, I should trust them more, but well… I learned the hard way, with horses I trusted with my life, at all times.


Apocalipse and Ablaze did find my Wrap Bales and had fun, biting them open… One has to wonder why, with a lot of grass to eat, why spend time, eating plastic, sabotaging my hay supply? But no, it is better to not ask those kinds of questions, I guess.

And Tardis, found the door to the house, where I was, cleaning out, and had a look at it from the other side. She is an extraordinary young girl…


And after we cleaned up and I ruled that they had had enough grass for the day, they were easily let back on the pasture, no fuss at all.

Marble and Ablaze had a little energy left to play,



And Ablaze, to play with the boyfriend,




But mostly, they were just tired. Here is my lazy teenager, having had to do chores and mow the lawn all day… Impossibly evil child labour. He could not be more worn out, if he tried…


And here, with a lazy Tardis. She actually gave up on the grass and walked back on the pasture, before I asked them too.


So, yeah, I am a totally proud horse-mom. I cannot believe that I could let five young horses onto such a small space and there was no kicking, so screaming, no fighting, no running, no explosions and most importantly, the world did not end…

Poseidon, Apollon and Amalia… I love you guys, but boy, did you tend to complicate matters for me. I never knew how much, until now, when I am slowly learning how it can also be, to have horses. Sensible horses. Unimpressed horses.



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