As A Team

I have a few new pictures of the kiddos, wearing a rider. Saleem is up first. (The others helping, because we do stuff as a team, around here.)


I am very proud of him, and very happy to see how hard he tries these days.



I haven’t ridden him much this year, (five times tops,) because we are still getting used to be without shoes and all, but he is improving every time I climb up there. Usually when we have a camera woman on the pasture, he gets so distracted, he can’t focus on listening to me, without the bridle, but this time, he did very, very well.



Tardis needs a lot of guidance yet, so instead of taking pictures of us, I had my friend help us out from the ground. She is doing very well though, considering that she isn’t really broken in and that I haven’t really ridden her (or trained her,) this year either.


Here, trying to mount her, Saleem and Ablaze helping me not do it… Because around here, we do everything as a team…


Yes, I have been very unmotivated, due to the rain all winter…


And Apocalipse. Well, not really riding him yet, since he is so young still, but he loves to join in.

He did spook this day though, because the guy who owns my farm, opened a gate and started dragging out a compressor right next to us, and then, when Apocalipse jumped, he felt me move on his back, in a way he had not expected.


(Ablaze helping again. Go team!)

I always knew that he wasn’t ready for that, with him being just as touchy, or perhaps more, than Saleem was, (is,) down his sides, so I decided to jump off instantly, and I managed to totally fuck that up and land on the side of my foot instead of on my foot.

Being me, and being hypermobile, that landed us at the ER instantly, and I have had a black and blue leg since, but they swear that nothing is broken.

I will say that my horses has been great about it. I have been using all of them, (young Ablaze excluded,) as support when I have been hobbling around the pasture to feed them, and they have been very good sports, and helped me around.

So now, I am back to the drawing board with Apocalipse, turning it over in my head, how to best prepare him for carrying a rider, without desensitising him.


There is always something, when you have horses. Luckily, I am not in a hurry with any of them. Apocalipse is only turning five this summer. Looking at him, he is not done growing up, not even a little bit,  so I wasn’t planning on doing much riding this year anyway.


(Again, go team!)

Clearly, we still have some ground work to do, so I guess that works out just fine. Especially once I figure out what kind of work we need, to make him comfortable about feeling my legs down his sides…



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