I have to show off an old picture, a friend of mine found lately. The very old gang, including me, on Mister, a half brother of Poseidon and Apollon. (The brown horse with the star, to the far left in the picture.)

Mister Swing King jul 97

(Thanks Anne, for the picture.) 

I will admit, when I first saw this picture, I instantly thought, “that’s not me, that’s my twin sister…” You know, her horse and all… But then I remembered, it is me. I was looking after Mister, that Christmas.

He really was something special, that one. All over the place, at all times. Even more hard to handle than my own red boys, quite a lot of the time. Looking at this picture though, I can’t help but wonder what happened to him.

How did he end his life? Yes, I am assuming that he is gone now, but I don’t know. This picture was taken in 1997, when we were doing our annual Christmas ride through town. Where did a horse like Mister end up?

Seeing a picture like this one, always brings up mixed emotions. I really loved that horse. And he was Poseidon and Apollon’s crazy brother. And, if he had been here today, I would have been that much older and wiser and maybe, I could have helped him better, or understood him better… Maybe I could have even bought him in the end. Who knows.

I just know that I was sorry to see him go, when my sister gave up on him, and if I had not had four horses of my own at the time, (which I did,) I would have fought tooth and nails to make this one mine.

At the same time, seeing this lousy old picture, makes me smile, because I believe it is the only picture I have of Mister.

So here he is, a very old, long lost, friend of mine. I realize that most people would look at a picture like this one, and remember the riders, but not me. I remember the horses. Always. I didn’t even recognize myself. If we had not been tagged in that picture, I would have never thought that it was me…

But the horses, I remember, each and every one of them. That is just the way my mind works. One of them died of cancer… One of them was sold out of the country… This is so long ago, it really doesn’t feel like me, in that picture.

Mister though, was one special cat. (For a horse, they don’t come more feline than he was.) I never did forget about him.


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