Let It Go. Smile. Pinkie Pie Style.

I haven’t been online much lately, and I know that I have been very bad at keeping my blog alive.

I am just kind of tired of everything at the moment, and I guess that nothing feels like it is going my way.

With my foot injured, I haven’t been able to spend much time in front of the computer, because it doesn’t want me sitting up, and when I have been done taking care of my stable, I have spent most days lying down, going crazy from watching netflix.

I am a creative person, not writing really gets to me.

I did manage to survive my friends bachelor party, with the foot heavily bandaged and with my painkillers working overtime, since we had planned on making an improvised music video for her. Those of you who have not tried that, should know that recording the song, and shooting the video usually takes at least a few weeks, so it was kind of an ambitious project.

We got away with it quite well, if I may say so myself. So I guess that I should stop whining and focus on the things that does work out for me…

I just suck at being injured. Add to that, the post office has managed to throw away a My Little Pony I was really looking forward to getting my hands on, and are refusing to look for her. That is standard Danish post office. Even shipped with track and trace, like this pony was, they just don’t care. When I first called them up, asking about it, they said that the parcel was stuck in customs. Then, three days later, they denied that it had ever entered Denmark, and then, they stopped talking to me at all. That is just perfect.

It is not about the money with this one, but the G1 ponies are collectibles, they are irreplaceable, to me. So that had me kind of depressed for a while, and then, Ebay made it worse.

The boyfriend and I have been selling some of the things that we are never going to use anymore, on Ebay for a while now, bending over backwards to describe and picture everything, down to the last detail,  and despite that, we ended up selling a rather precious item to a buyer who in turn, received the item, damaged it a little, and filed a case against us on Ebay, wanting the money back, claiming that the item is not as described.

That has taken up a lot of my thoughts as well. The injustice of it all. I know that my item was flawless, when I sent it to her, and she is clearly looking to get it without paying for it. Unfortunately, that is how easy it is, on Ebay. Their buyer protection is insane, even in an obvious case like this one, I can hardly argue my case, because all they are telling me, is to return the money and smile and be happy, or it will affect my status as a seller.

I won’t lie, I couldn’t care less about my status as a seller, because after this, I am DONE selling anything on Ebay, ever again. Now, I have to pay this buyer more money, to send my item back to me, in damaged condition, and I have to pay to import it into the country, despite the fact that I specifically listed the item as “no returns.” I am going to end up paying more to get it back, damaged, than what it sold for, which I am guessing, is exactly what this buyer knows. Much easier to just refund her money, right?

True, and I guess that I am going to, eventually, since Ebay clearly has no seller protection against scammers, whatsoever. I guess that I am even lucky now, if she does ship it back to me, after I pay her to do so…

I really did not need this right now. The hassle and the frustration of never knowing what is waiting when I turn on the computer, is simply not worth the trouble of selling anything on Ebay. This buyer can send me evil messages, make Ebay threaten me, and I can do nothing to prevent it. I have to say, that feels like an organisation I don’t want to deal with, as a seller or as a buyer, ever again.

Ordinary common curtsey seems long gone, as well as legal rights. Anyone buying an item at an ordinary store, and looking to return it after having damaged it, or looking to get it for free, after having damaged it, would not get away with it.

I know, I am being totally negative here, but it truly is a blow for me. Not so much the money, more so the item that is stuck in the middle here, and now has been damaged, but also, it is a real blow to my faith in humanity.

I am stunned at this buyers behaviour, and I truly feel that the way Ebay and Paypal are handling it, are robbing me of my basic legal rights. The right to argue my case and be heard.

So, all in all, I am in an evil mood these days, and add to that, it is still freezing in Denmark, and raining… Even the summer is lousy at the moment. I really try to wake up every morning with a smile, deciding that today, I am going to be happy, no matter what the world throws at me,  but it isn’t working too well.

I guess I am going to have to work on that, and spend more time figuring out how to be happy, than brooding over things that are out of my control.

Let it go, you know… I suck at letting go.

And the cold does bother me…

Yeah, I still have my sarcasm… I guess that is a good thing, right?

I am watching White Collar at the moment, which is a TV series about a criminal being kept on an electronic monitoring device, working for the FBI. It isn’t brilliant, but somehow I find myself relating to this guy, quite a lot. Being stuck, with no way out, haunted by the choices you made in the past, knowing that you got a good deal, and still wearing your ball and chain…

So dramatic, right? I’ll stop now. And tomorrow, I’ll be happy, no matter how many people I have to deal with. I can do this. I’ll keep repeating that to myself…

I can do this. Let it go. Smile. Pinkie Pie style…


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2 Responses to Let It Go. Smile. Pinkie Pie Style.

  1. jen says:

    I’m behind on everything blog-related, so I’m just now reading the details of the pony/ebay incident. It was bad enough when I thought she was just scamming you for a free pony, but I’m absolutely appalled that the lady would go so far as to damage it too! I’m pretty much convinced that people have no morals or common decency anymore….I’m in a funk similar to yours. We should form a club.

    • Starstone says:

      We really should 😉 But it would be kind of a sad club 😉 So I guess I’ll have to go with Pinkie Pie at the moment, and try to keep that smile on my face… 😉

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