Restoring My Faith In Humanity

I have been having a hard time with people these days, especially in light of my recent run in with Ebay and their completely none existent seller protection. Long story short, I sold an item, the buyer wanted to return it, claiming that it was not as described, and Ebay instantly sided with her. They do that, without giving the seller a chance to answer or to prove that the claim may be false.

Also, I have been talking to about ten different people, working for Ebay, all of them giving me different answers as to what my options are, but all of them agreeing that I should just pay the buyer back her money and let her keep the item for free, so I wouldn’t get bad marks on my selling record. Also, most of them advised me, if I didn’t want to let her keep the item, since I had to refund the money, to buy return postage and send to her, to make sure that she returned the item in question.

Those kind of standard answers, just drives me up the wall. I told them over and over again, that I am sitting in Denmark, I CAN’T buy return postage from USA. To which, Ebay responded that I should do it anyway or just refund the money….

The only positive thing about all of this, is an online friend of mine. Jen.

I have never met Jen. We have followed each other’s blogs here on WordPress for years now, and recently found each other on facebook, but that is the extend of our relationship. I wrote to her, one evening, in desperation, asking her to do me a huge favour. She lives in the US, I may need her to buy postage for me, if I want the item back.

She instantly said that she would do it, no questions asked. If I needed that item back, she’d help out if she could.

I am rather impressed by that. How she would just trust a relative stranger like me, asking her to buy something for me… And I realized that no matter how many annoying people I may meet online, on Ebay or any other places, having met someone like Jen, outweighs all of them and makes it worth it all.

So, Jen, this post is for you. Even though I ended up being forced by Ebay, to pay the return postage, and cross my fingers that the item would be shipped back to me, (it still hasn’t,) so I did not need you after all, knowing that you were instantly ready to step up for me, sure is helping me restore my faith in humanity.

Thank you so much!

I hope you know what this means to me, even if I find it hard to write down in words. You truly are one magnificent lady.


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2 Responses to Restoring My Faith In Humanity

  1. jen says:

    I have tears in my eyes right now! I’ve been having kind of a crappy week/month and have been questioning if I am a decent person….then I read this, and now it’s me who doesn’t know what to say. I’m touched, and I wish I could have actually helped bring your pony home.

    It’s funny, because I was standing with a group of my hubby’s friends when I got your facebook message about the ebay problem, and their reaction was along the lines of, “Are you crazy? You don’t know this person! It could be a scam!” They were wrong. We’ve never met, but after all these years, I DO know you. I know you are honest and passionate and fight for what you believe in. You’re also kind to animals and fiercely loyal to your horses (even the little vinyl ones). That’s good enough for me!

    While I may have restored your faith in humanity, you did something equally awesome for me with this post – you restored some of my faith in myself. Now THAT’S friendship….even if we’ve never met! 🙂

    • Starstone says:

      But it could have been a scam… clearly, you have to be careful who you trust these days 🙂 So if one good thing came of all of this, I guess it is this then 🙂 I am glad if I could help, even in this small way 😉 And yes, this is friendship, the kind you don’t come along often. Thank you 😀

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