Electing the Next Top Model- Because Who Needs A Prime Minister?

We have an election coming up in Denmark at the moment. I find myself loving that I do not have a TV connection, so I don’t have to watch all the election debates.

One would think that it is the same old story every time, but one would be wrong. This election has gone so wrong already, that even one like me, who only follows the political debate online, has to notice.

First off, the parties we have who call themselves socialistic, are trying to steal voters from our Nazi party, by adopting their views on immigrants. They have huge posters all over our bus stops, promising harder rules for immigration and more demands for those who already live here. I don’t know what is left, when our socialistic parties are selling themselves by supporting and legalizing the Danish people in their hate of those who need our help, but I sure know that I have seldom been as disappointed as I was, seeing those posters.

Then I realized how many of my friends actually supported the Nazi party. I guess that is one of the dangerous things about face book. People feel that since they are sitting behind their computer screens, they can say anything about anyone and somehow it is now cool, to be Danish and to want to kick refugees out- or to just let them drown. Who cares, really?

I have been horrified to find how many of the people I know in real life, has no shame when it comes to openly hating on others, on the social media. I will admit, it has cost me quite a few “friends,” because yes, I believe that you should get to vote your believes, but I don’t have to support it or like it, and I don’t want people like that in my life, so come Nazi post number 666, I started simply deleting people off my friend list. There are things, I do not need to see, every time I turn on my computer.

I have no need to hear how the sick, and the old, and the unemployed, and of course the Muslims, and  anyone else who looks wrong, are ruining our society, every time I turn on my computer. So I decided, that people who thinks like that, are people I really don’t need in my life, online or otherwise.

I realize that the grown up thing to do, would be to open a debate with them, and argue humanity and tolerance and compassion, but to be honest, I don’t have what it takes anymore, to fight those battles. If people want to be ignorant, I have to let them, at least for now. I don’t have the energy at the moment.

I have been rather sad to see how the party I usually vote for has changed as well. Usually, they would be running a very fair campaign, arguing their case, tirelessly and politely, refusing to sink to the levels of the other parties, by throwing mud at each other. This time though, they have been doing nothing besides throwing dirt at the other parties.

I am probably still going to vote for them, because they are the only party that I can vote for without compromising who I am too much, but it is sad to see, it really is. I even saw a post the other day, of their leader, climbing a lamppost, to take a selfie with an election poster, (yeah you read that right, this is the depth of the campaign so far,) and people were all cheers in the comments, telling her how cool and beautiful and awesome she was, and how she just won their vote…

Which makes my head implode instantly.

Really? She can climb a lamppost to take a selfie with a poster and that is what you are voting for? One would think that this may be some sort of reality show, like Top Model, not an election for who is going to lead our country?

I saw another set of posters today, hanging in our lampposts, with a guy who’s slogan is “cheaper bacon…” I mean, are you kidding me? Is this for real?

It is so pathetic, it is not even funny. Cheaper Bacon? How about ecology, how about animal welfare, how about… anything that matters, really? If you want to win an election by promising cheaper bacon, I can only assume that you don’t care how our pigs are treated, how they are killed by having their heads smashed against the floor until they die, how they are castrated without painkillers or sedation, how the mother pigs are kept in stalls so small that their bodies are fixated 24-7, how they are fed antibiotics every day, even though they are not sick… I could go on. All of it, shameful, degrading, and should by all means be illegal, but no, let’s promise the voters cheaper bacon…

So yes, at the moment, I feel like I am watching a train wreck happening in slow motion and we all cheer it on. This feels like the death of the democratic process, simply because with politicians like the ones we have today, the voters are truly left with some very unimportant choices.

When we go to vote this time, we won’t be asking ourselves, who is going to take care of the environment, and make sure that there is a world for our children to live in, or who is going to help make our welfare system better for those in need, or how do we make sure that every child gets an education, and a fair chance in life, or how do we help our refugees escape the ghettos and become a part of our society…

No, we will be asking ourselves, do we want cheaper bacon? Who looks the best, while taking a selfie? And most importantly, who can be the most inhumane towards people who are fleeing for their lives?

So maybe we have a lot of stupid voters, (yes I said that, no matter how politically incorrect it is, to call someone stupid, but it does apply to people who are uninformed enough to vote for Nazi parties..,) but it doesn’t matter anymore, since our politicians are sinking to their level.

Farewell democracy. It was nice while it lasted. Who needs a Prime Minister anyway?

And for anyone I have offended with this post- Apologies. Feel free to delete me.

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