From One Pinkie To Another


I am guessing that we all know by now, how I have completely fallen for the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series. To be honest, it took me a very long time to watch them, in fact, it was my boyfriend who ended up making me watch them, since he got curious, because the geeks in his war game groups kept referring to My Little Pony… Yeah, that is right. I have been collecting My Little Pony since I was a child, and I had to be forced to watch the new series, by a bunch of guys who never saw the originals…

My objection to the new series, was based on how the ponies look nothing like my childhood friends. I have to say though, watching the new series, it doesn’t matter. They are awesome. I even started collection the generation 4 ponies, as well, you know, the ones that were released along the series…

I love how the new series has so many references to the original series. It is everywhere, be it just in passing, that Moondancer’s party is mentioned, or one of the elder ponies fly by in the back ground, or be it more obvious, reinventing some of the characters, like Twilight and Applejack. Even Rainbow Dash seem to be based on the pony we used to know and love as Firefly. 20% cooler, never standing still, always ready to jump headfirst into anything, and get into trouble, while trying to save the day.

The six main characters of the new series, all represent an element of friendship, Honest Applejack, Generous Rarity, Loyal Rainbow Dash, Kind Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie represents laughter, while Twilight is the magic of friendship.

I will admit, when I first started watching the series, I adored Rainbow Dash, I loooooooved meeting Applejack as a redneck girl, and I instantly respected Fluttershy for her compassion, and to be honest, the spark of danger in her… Twilight was always the more boring character,  to me, while Rarity was the one I found it hardest to relate to, with her fashion and stuff, since I am very much a horse- girl, always covered in mud and hay and dirt… And then there was Pinkie Pie.


She annoyed me quite a lot at first. She is so over the top, she never just walks anywhere, she jumps and skips and runs. Her voice is always shrill and during the entire first season, she is the one who sings the most, and not always very well. I will admit, I always identified with Rainbow Dash, and I had a lot of her objections to Pinkie Pie at first.


Watching the show, I slowly came to realize though, how perfect Pinkie Pie is. Especially in some of the episodes when someone are trying to bring her down by being mean to her. Like the episode with Gilda the Griffon, where Pinkie and Rainbow has become friends, and Rainbows old friend Gilda shows up and doesn’t want Pinkie around.

No matter what  this evil griffin does, Pinkie just shrugs it off with a smile. She feels untouchable, unbreakable, in her own little world where all kinds of bad behaviour can be excused, if only you have the imagination to come up with a plausible reason. Which is why, when Pinkie does get hurt, once in a while, it really hurts, because something managed to pass through her smile and actually get to her.

My boyfriend always feel sorry for Fluttershy when something bad happens to her, but I kind of don’t. Fluttershy may be soft and shy, but there is a core in her, that is very dangerous to upset. Where as, Pinkie… if something really does get through her defences, it can truly break her.

maxresdefault (2)

Now, we have a friend, and he is kind of waiting for me to write this post, and I am sure he will be disappointed that half of it wasn’t about him, but if he looks closely, he will find that it was. Remember this guy?

Who could easily amuse himself with a piece of cat toy? In fact, he could not help playing with it, even if he knew it was stupid? Yeah, that’s the guy I am talking about.

I started calling him Pinkie Pie a while back, and at first he took offence to it, because he was totally not a My Little Pony! And a pink one? Uncool… So I had to sit him down and make him watch the first two episodes, of the new series, so he could meet his kindred spirit.

Jonathan has ADHD and he does have a lot in common with Pinkie, whether he likes it or not. First of all, his special ability is laughter, since he is always smiling, and he is always comfortable for people to be around, and he always goes out on a limb to make those around him feel happy.

At the same time, he can have a very hard time keeping focus on something for more than a few seconds, which makes him very Pinkie Pie to work with. You have to constantly keep an eye on him. If you need him to do something specific, you need to ask for it, sometimes more than once, because he is very good at starting something, and losing focus, and drifting off.   On the plus side, no matter how many times you have to ask him to focus, for him to do so, he never takes offence by it. Always that Pinkie Pie smile. Always the positive energy, which makes him so awesome to be around.


That said, much like Pinkie, he is not bulletproof, and some things does get under his skin once in a while. Even then, he resembles Pinkie. You know, how her hair stops being curly and how the sunlight stops touching her, when she is sad? Jonathan very easily swings from one strong emotion to another and sometimes the smile does falter, and all of us around has to notice how the sun is avoiding him all of a sudden.

9580 - absurd_res AtomicGreymon emo emo_pie pie pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie transparent

Watching the show, he had to admit though, that he has a lot in common with Pinkie. In fact, he loved her instantly. So I gave him one of my extra Pinkie Pie Ponies, and she now has a place of honor in his home, looking over his living room from amongst his star wars and hordes and war machines figures.

What I am saying is that this is the brilliance of this show, really. There are six main characters, and everypony has to be able to find someone who they relate to, since they are so different. And in time, watching the show, you get to not only understand the others better, but you get to really love them, or in Fluttershy’s case, fear them. I realize that this is a scenario that is never going to happen, (despite the brilliant Doctor and Roseluck ponies, thumbs up Hasbro,) but you get my drift… The sweetest pony of them all, if she ever did meet a Dalek, this is what would happen…


And sometimes, being a Pinkie Pie, knowing that you are all over the place at all times, and completely unable to sit down and take it easy once in a while, I guess it is very nice to see that it is okay too. So really, what Pinkie Pie is doing, is giving all the ADHD children of the world, a place to belong and a heroine to look up to and identify with. I cannot believe that no one has ever invented her before, but now that she is here, we adore her, precisely as she is.


And now, Jonathan, if you are still here. Go watch the rest of the series. It only gets better. Trust me. Rainbow Dash, would not lie… No wait, that is Applejack… Still… This series really is 20% cooler, so hang in there sugarcube. Smile.


Pinkie Pie style.

And remember:


Yeah, that will be much more fun, once you have seen that episode…


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