Let’s Talk About Democracy

I haven’t said much about our election so far. To be honest, there isn’t that much to say.

I am writing this post though, mostly to exercise my right to do so, while I still have it. Yes, you read that right. The right to write in English, that seems like a given, doesn’t it? Well not even a little bit.

We have in Denmark a political party called Dansk Folkeparti, in short, DF. If they have their way, there will be no other language in Denmark, than Danish. They want to forbid English in advertising, and they don’t want to support art, movies or anything else, unless it is in Danish. They even want to go so far as to forbid children to speak any other language than Danish in the school yard, thus punishing those who come from refuge families. But that is not all. If they have their way, they want to make sure that immigrant’s and refuges may not speak their native language at home, behind closed doors, to themselves.

Sounds like a nice party, don’t they?

They also view homosexuals as handicapped. Unable to raise children.

And of course, they want to close our borders again, not only to refuges, but also to our neighbours, like Germany and Sweden. But of course, what they really want, is to make sure that Denmark never accepts another refuge, no matter how much they may die if we deny them. Add to that, they hate those with dark skin so much, that they want to be sure they have the option of kicking them out of the country, if they commit a crime. And then, not only do they want to kick out the criminal, but also his entire family. They have been pushing for that. Third generation refuges, people who are born and raised in Denmark, people whose parents are born and raised in Denmark, people who are by all means Danish, and have no ties to any other land; if just one element of their family commits a crime, we should kick them all out.

Are we worried for basic human rights just yet?

After the last election, DF became the third largest party in the country. I was ashamed then, to live in a land where nazi views clearly are winning the hearts of the people. By this election, DF became the second largest party in the country, and by all means, the unofficial leaders of this romantic little kingdom.

A lot of people has been uttering their disgust about that on the online medias, (as well as just about every international news paper I have come across,) and that has set off a lot of people who thinks that those of us who feel ashamed to live in a country where DF has the power, are just bad losers. I have been told repeatedly to suck it up, because this is democracy.

What they are all missing, is that yes, this is democracy at its worst. This is democracy, undermining itself. Keep voting for DF and there won’t be a democracy anymore. Give them time, and they will narrow down who gets a vote. Immigrants can’t vote in Denmark as it is. Give DF time and power, and you can be sure that homosexuals are next. And the sick, and the unemployed, and the old… Give a party like this one power, and democracy will implode upon itself, simply by limiting who gets a vote. Just wait and see.

This is not about winning or losing an election. This is about how many of our friends, neighbours, and relatives, hates foreigners so much, that they are willing to vote for a party that openly wants to see them dead. And that, is something I find hard to swallow.

What happened to the land I grew up in? When I was a child, we did not welcome refuges, but we would have never been openly racist against them. These days, the tone has changed, and what I am hearing, does make me sick. It is always, “kick them out,” “Let them drown, we can’t afford to help,” “Who cares anyway, they are all a bunch of criminals…”

These views are mostly what I am hearing from DF’s voters and it has me horrified, to find that there are so many Danish people, who cares so little for their fellow man.

So let me be clear here. This is not about me, not accepting that DF won the election.

This is about those of us, who listened in our history lessons, in school, watching history repeat itself. How did Hitler gain power, to begin with? Could it be that his people, allowed him to hate? Allowed themselves to hate, all those who wasn’t like themselves?

We need to talk about how a party like DF can gain so many followers. We need to talk about it until it stops. We need to make people understand what it is they are voting for.

I have to believe that most of DF’s voters are voting for that party out of ignorance, fear and sheer stupidity. Because the only other option I see, is that they are voting for them out of malice, and that, is truly a horrifying thought.

So let us talk about it, alright. Let us talk about democracy and how stupid voters are slowly killing it. Let’s talk about what it truly means to close our borders. And let’s all imagine for a second, if we can, if we were the ones, running for our lives, with no country, no safe place to sleep at night, no food or drinking water for our children. Let us try and imagine what it must be like to be in that position and then, to hit a border like the Danish one, where you are turned away, because we don’t like the way you dress or the color of your skin, and we are not afraid to say so.

And if you are let in, you are placed in a ghetto, with no means of integration, no way to get a job or learn the language, with a handful of money so small there is no way you can feed and clothe your children, and pay rent. Imagine why some become criminals? From one hell to another. And when they try to complain, the Danish people respond, that “if you don’t like it here, feel free to piss off.”

We sure have nothing to be proud of. Not even a little bit. And this NEEDS to be said out loud. Again and again and again, until someone will listen. We cannot let Denmark continue down this road. We all know where it leads.

So yes, for now, this blog is still in English. Let’s hope I will be allowed to keep it that way.

I know that I am so far beyond ashamed by now, that words can’t describe it. I am horrified. I am terrified. And for the first time, since I got old enough to vote, I feel that I have to leave Denmark, as soon as possible. I honestly feel my life may be in danger here, and not because of the immigrants we let in, or because of the homosexuals who wants to have children, but because of those who feel that they are so much better than others, that they can justify almost anything. If I had the money to move, I would be packing up as we speak.


And for those of you who feel that I am disrespecting the flag and the country, with this picture, I have to say. I can’t disrespect it anymore, than you already did.


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