Magic Mike And XXL- Movies

Since I had been watching White Collar on Netflix, a friend of mine and I, got to talking. Naturally about how adorable Matt Bomer is. And this friend of mine, she has always checked out every cute actor in the universe, and found out what movies he has played in, so she mentioned Magic Mike. It had recently been on Netflix, but as we went to look it up again, it was gone. And then we found out that the follow up was about to air in the Danish cinemas, so we set to searching for the first one.


Mostly, it was kind of a joke on our part. None of us are that much into stripping, to be honest. But it did become kind of annoying, how we couldn’t find that bloody movie anywhere.

As Magic Mike XXL, (the subtle sequel,) had its premiere yesterday, we realized that the Danish cinemas thought it was going to be a hit, so they were re-airing the first one, right before the premiere. We were kind of laughing about that, since the first Magic Mike movie had slipped by our noses completely unnoticed, the first time around. And now, someone was going to revive it in the cinemas?

But, it served our purpose, and we were able to see both movies in one day, without having been able to find the first one anywhere else. Awesome, right?

As you can see, we did not expect much. As in, really, we had no hopes that this may be a good movie. Basically, we were kind of just hoping to see Matt Bomer dance…

Usually, when you go see a movie, where you have no expectations, you come out, feeling that it was better than you hoped it would be. Magic Mike though, completely failed. An hour and a half into the movie, we were looking at each other, and my friend actually asked me, “have you figured out what the story is yet?”

No. Not even a little bit. There simply was no story. Nothing. Just a bunch of roughly edited scenes, of naked men, dry humping random women. I don’t think I have ever come across a movie with less of a story behind it. Hell, most porn has more story… Anyway…

Add to that, the colour grading was insanely yellow all the way through, the cuts between the scenes were so brutal it almost gave you whiplash, from making your head spin so fast, and Matt Bomer hardly had a speaking part (or an on camera, in focus, part). My friend and I came out of the cinema, shaking our heads, wondering if it was too late to get our money back, for the XXL movie, because none of us could sit through that again.

So, XXL.


I don’t know if it was because we had just watched the first one, and as such our expectations were beyond low, but it was actually a good movie. I mean, really. It had humour. It was funny, and it allowed us to get to know the stories of all the dancers, which was kind of what they should have done in the first movie. Oh, and yeah, Matt got to have a speaking part this time, and actually be in focus in front of the camera, not just background eye candy. Points for that…

Still, the story was kind of lacking, but at least in this one, there was a story. Sort of. A road trip story. Which is a great idea, if you have no story, to make it feel like the movie is going somewhere. At least, they are moving, right? Getting closer to the destination with every scene. It works.

It was a sweet little movie, we laughed a lot, (maybe it didn’t take much to amuse us at the time,) and it had some fairly beautiful scenes in it as well. Even though my friend and I, clearly had failed to do our research on these movies beforehand, it did not escape our notice that Channing Tatum can really dance, and that he was the only one in the first movie, who actually was a dancer. It did help in this one, adding a few others, who weren’t just stiff looking actors.

And lo and behold, the editing was much better was well. This movie wasn’t yellow and it wasn’t cut to make your head spin. My only real objection was that it had a lot of scenes, where it simply wasn’t in focus. That always bothers my eyes. But all in all, this is a girls night out, kind of movie. It is sweet, funny and there is a lot of cute looking guys in it. Nothing more, but at least, nothing less either, like the first one.

So, should you watch it?

Magic Mike? No. Don’t bother. Not worth your time. Not even a little bit.

XXL? Yeah. You kind of should. And even though it is a sequel, you don’t have to know anything about the first movie. Nothing happened in the first movie. Just skip it and go watch XXL.

And when you do, and it turns out to be a horrible movie after all, go watch the first one, and imagine yourself in my place, before you blame me. By comparison, XXL really is worth watching.


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