The Little Red Colt

Once upon a time, a little red colt was born.


He was sold at a young age, to a girl who was nearly just as young as he was. Much too young, some may say, to raise a horse like him.


They didn’t always have it easy. As the colt grew up, he continued to test the little human girl, but even if she often had no idea why he was acting up or how to handle him, she never gave up.


She never stopped wondering how to help him, how to make sure he didn’t feel that he had to fight her.


She never really found an answer and before she knew it, time ran out, and the little red colt lost his life to a viral infection, which caused all his minor arteries to rupture, and no matter what the little girl did, there was no saving him.


There was many ways this story could have played out. When the little red colt was born, no one knew how his life would be, or how sudden it would end.


When the girl bought him, she did so, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to be easy, but she never really had a choice. This little red colt was part of her, which was why she never stopped fighting for him, while there was still a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


The little red colt was sick a lot, and the girl spent a lot of nights in a sleeping bag in his stall, praying to anyone who may listen, that he would pull through and when he finally didn’t, it wasn’t a surprise.


And still, it was. It was wrong. So wrong. He should have been here. He should have turned 16 this month. He should have been happy, alive, and growing old with the girl. Instead, he is just a picture on the wall. A memory, that is never untainted by how the girl didn’t quite manage to make his life perfect, no matter how much she tried.


Because even if they fought a lot, and despite all of his sick days, they did love each other dearly. He always worked for her with great enthusiasm and work ethics.

Billede 281

He loved learning new things, (as long as it wasn’t scary stuff,) and he loved using his body, applying those huge muscles of his. Despite his frail immune system, he was build like an ox and he never failed to throw his weight around, if the opportunity presented itself.


He easily starred in the music video the girl and her friends made for a competition;

And as he left this world, his image was still so perfect, that old footage of him was used in another music video, to help set the mood:

The little girl started writing on a series of fantasy books, when the colt was young. He was always one of the main characters in  those books. Him, and his brother. The colt was used as a model for the back cover picture of the fourth book in the series, even if he was turned into a unicorn in the process. But the pure force of this horse was just what the girl wanted for her perfect unicorn.

IMG_7317 Back Red Text

He was 13 when he was euthanized, during a blizzard. The world was white and silent, when this magnificent life was cut short. To the girl, he is still 13. Even as his 16th birthday came and went.


He will never grow older. He will be young, he will have a future, he will be happy, finally, by the rainbow bridge.


There is so much I should say. Thank you, for letting me love you. Thank you, for not killing me, (even when you tried.) I am sorry, for every single way I failed you. Please forgive me.


Apollon July 1999- December 2012


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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