Flies And Mud Monsters

I have summer sores (Habronema) every single summer by now.


Or, well, my horses has, but same same. It is kind of driving me up the wall. So far, I have been lucky, and none of my horses has been in a bad shape because of it, nothing like my friend’s horse tried one summer, where he just grew a crazy hole of dead tissue in his lip in a matter of days.


My vets always ask me if I do anything to protect the horses from flies and yes, Habronema is (sort of) spread by flies, but… No, I don’t. I have tried since Ablaze was born, to make them wear fly masks, but I always fail, due to his ninja skill. He removes the masks on the other horses instantly. It doesn’t matter what kind of masks I buy, he will tear them up and off in a matter of minutes. Add to that, when he is wearing the mask himself, Tardis freaks out and hates him, clearly not recognizing him, when his face has a wrong color.

The last time I tried making Ablaze wear a mask, Tardis took one look at him and attacked him, kicking him until he bled and I managed to get between them and tear that mask off his face.

Besides, Saleem and Apocalipse are headshakers, they can’t wear anything across their nose…

So, noooo… No fly masks on my pasture.

Then we have all kinds of anti fly sprays, right? Well, none of those go in their face, that is for sure, so none of it will protect the eyes anyway. I do have some, but most of my horses are allergic to it, getting huge swellings when I apply it. And that is stuff my vets sold me… So no, not a huge fan of that either.

Besides, when it is warm, I hose the horses down every day, which will wash off any fly spray daily, so it is kind of impossible.

And, I would like to add this picture of Saleem, proving why simple water is the best fly protection program there is.

unnamed (7)

I sent that picture to one of my friends, and the boyfriend, both of whom should know my (our) horses rather well, asking them to guess a horse?

They guessed Tardis? Or Ablaze?

Saleem is still laughing. It has taken him years to perfect this mud monster skill.

unnamed (8)

And no, it doesn’t protect the eyes, and if the horses has Habronema, then no amount of fly protection will prevent it. As far as I know, all I can do is treat the summer sores and try to kill the parasite in my horses system with parasite treatment. Fly masks could help mask the symptoms, but well… They doesn’t really solve the problem.

Apparently, nothing does. Yay, summer… Add to that, we hardly have any flies at all this year, and still, I have three horses, sporting dodgy little wounds on their mucous membranes.

I repeat;



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