Heroes Of Might And Magic III – On Windows 8

I have to share this link, because I know how much I held on to my old computer and Windows XP, for this one single reason; Heroes of Might and Magic III is not compatible with Windows 8. Well, that settles it; I don’t want Windows 8, ever!


I got it. My computer with XP crashed and burned… and I felt like I lost my second home… Heroes III, gone…


I tried to make do with Heroes V and Heroes VI but there are issues with both versions. V is a great game, wonderful animations, fantastic battle sequences, and loads of great ideas for hero skills, but the maps are too small. Every time you get a hero maxed out with super awesome skills, you have won the game, before you get to use your newfound super abilities.


And VI never really appealed to me. The animations just weren’t… cute. A huge part of Heroes was always the cuteness of the game.


Oh, the link. Yes. The boyfriend found this, and for all of you who has missed Heroes III; here is is, compatible with Windows 8;


Awesome, awesome, awesome! So, far, it works perfectly.

maxresdefault (3)It feels like coming home. Perfect way to spend this lousy summer; indoors, in a blanket, conquering the world on my tiny horse, with my army of monsters, getting beaten by the boyfriend in the final battle, as always…


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