Dust Devils And Rain

I live in Denmark, and let us be clear, right from the start. We have no natural disasters. Sure we have an occasional storm every fall, bringing the entire population into a panic, because stuff like this never happens in Denmark… We still talk about that one December storm in (when was it?) 1999, (I think,) where all the street lights went out… Oh my…

We do have a lot of little dust devils. As in; mini tornados. And by “mini” I mean, really tiny. But I have seen them in the horizon a lot over the years, and I always wondered what would happen if one of those actually caught up with someone one day. Usually I’d be pretty scared that one would run across my pasture, because I always worry for my horses. I guess that I have too many friends who live in countries with serious natural disasters, and I have a rather active imagination. But tornados, that is one of the things I can’t shelter my horses from, right? I hate the feeling of being unable to keep them safe, if it should happen that a dust devil did run across my pasture.

I know, chances are tiny, most of those things die out without ever touching ground, really.

Yesterday, though, it did happen. I didn’t see it coming at all. The boyfriend and I were sitting by the horses house, taking a break from running with the little ones, drinking some water in the summer heat, and then, all of a sudden, the wind came out of nowhere, in an otherwise completely calm day. Not a wind had moved all day, and here we were, in the middle of what felt like a storm, instantly pulling on the plastic tarp that keeps our straw bales dry, filling them with air with a sharp sound as the ropes that tied the tarp to the ground, held up. The roof of the horse- house shook for a second. Everything went from burning hot, not a wind in sight, to storm and hard to move, and back to the nice and easy summers day, in an instant.

I instantly jumped to my feet and looked around the corner, (for my horses,) to see this dust devil lifting all of my hay out of the huge tractor wheels we use to feed the horses, and spinning the hay into the air, dragging it half way across the pasture in a second, and then it let go.

Needless to say, the horses didn’t like hay that was dancing in the air, and they did spook for a moment, but as soon as the dust devil let go of the hay, they found it kind of funny, having hay scattered all over the pasture…

And the dust devil itself, died down and went away before it managed to reach my fence on the opposite end of the pasture. So, I guess that is one worry less for me. I should not worry about what happens if one of those micro tornados every hits my pasture. It has, and the worst that happened was that we had to gather up hay…

It was a kind of surreal experience though. One that makes you feel very small in the face of such an invisible force. You can’t see wind, you can’t touch it, or stop it, you can only watch as it sweeps across the land. And I can only thank my lucky stars that I don’t live in a land where we have anything worse than dust devils… and water… Loads of rain… Which came right afterwards.

My pasture went from being rock hard and dry, to, well, this….


unnamed (3)

Afterunnamed (14)

unnamed (15)

Our poor mineral lick… they are truly not made for Danish summers…

unnamed (13)

I wonder, who is?

unnamed (4)


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