When The System Fails

I have been watching for a while now, how people have been cheering on facebook, because a woman has died. Yes, you read that right.

Granted, said woman was convicted of severe abuse of a horse she had in training. I guess most of us saw the video and felt our heart die a little with every blow dealt that poor horse by her hand, and those of you who didn’t see it, just don’t. It is abuse of the coldest, none emphatic kind, you could ever phantom.

Still, I can’t cheer that she is dead now. Killed by a horse she had in training, no less.

This whole case makes me sad. First off, the courts failed, big time, by only placing her on probation, rather than locking her away and forbidding her to ever train or own animals again. If the court system had worked, this woman would have still been alive and maybe had a chance to see the error of her ways, (okay, long shot, but possible,) and the horse that killed her would not have been put in the position where it had to do so.

Now, I don’t know what happened. I have been told that she was kicked in the face while working with the horse. That can happen without abusing the animal as well. My youngsters often gets over excited when we play and kick all around when they run away. But I doubt that is what happened.

Truth is, it hardly matters. What I don’t understand, and what no one is talking about, is the horses owner. The people who saw the video, knew she was abusing animals, beating them into submission, leaving them a broken, when she was done, and still they sent their horse to her for “training.”

As long as there are people who WANT their horses trained like this, there will be trainers like this woman, and no amount of cheering over her death, will make a difference. Her death won’t make a difference. People keep commenting that now there is one less abuser in this world, hurray for that, but it simply isn’t true.

She got a slap on the wrist by the system, (sort of allowing her treatment of the horses, by not taking action against her,) and people continued to send their horses to her for training. Nothing happened the legal way. Nothing will change, now that she is dead. She will have students, who has learned her ways. And I repeat, as long as people send their horses to people like her for training, there will be people like her.

That is the truly sad thing about all of this. There is nothing to cheer about. I don’t wish anyone dead. But I do wish that the law had prevented her death and had set an example, by locking her up, signalling to the equestrian world that abusive “training” is not allowed. Maybe then, people would think twice before sending their horses to be broken by people like this woman.

So instead of cheering that a life has ended, and worrying that the horse may have been put down, (if it has, let’s be honest, it is probably better off, with the owner it has..,) let’s all mourn how justice has yet again, failed to protect the horses. Imagine if anyone had been caught tying a dogs head to its chest, and beating it with a whip like that? 400 blows counted within a 30 minutes video? Imagine the outrage, if only it had been a dog…

But a horse, that is fair game. I will always wonder why.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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