The Megan Doll

I recently got my hands on a Megan doll… I know, score, right? She even cleaned up nicely; her dress turned all white and pink again, instead of the brownish yellow it was when I first got my slimy hands on her…


I showed her to my boyfriend, going “wooot wooot I got a Megan doll!” and he looked at me blankly. Looking at this doll he did not connect her to My Little Pony at all, and I can’t say that I blame him. (Yes, he does know who Megan is, I have made him watch all the old movies more than once.) As excited as I am, to finally have an original Megan doll, (first edition and all,) I will ever remain disappointed by how the Megan doll was done, by Hasbro.

I mean, Megan in the movies, are super cool. She is a horse girl, wearing cowboy clothes, or riding pants, and boots. She is so far from the doll as she possibly could be.


So why, I wonder, was she re -imagined for the doll, when in the movies she was allowed to be the perfect tomboy? Did Hasbro think that little girls wouldn’t buy a doll, wearing pants and boots? Because if so, why would they let Megan be that girl in the movies?


I always wondered as well, why Megan and Molly was brought to life as dolls, but never their brother, Danny. Did Hasbro think that little girls wouldn’t buy a male doll?


Perhaps they should take a look now, at some of the most valuable ponies on ebay. That would be the brother ponies, the few male ponies that were created in the first generation.

Little girls (and grown up girls,) sure want the boy toys as well. And I for one, would have loved Megan in boots and pants. The sole reason why I don’t have this doll, from when I was a child, was because I didn’t want her then. My mom is a worse collector than me, and when I was a kid, she bought me half of my pony collection. If I had wanted Megan, I would have had her since she was released in 1984.

But she never resonated with me. Not this wannabe Barbie knockoff girl in a dress full of laces.


So as much as I am thrilled to add her to my collection now, I do so wistfully. If only she had been as cool as the Megan we all know and love from the old movies.


I have to add, that as much as I love the new My Little Pony series, Friendship is Magic, I was deeply disappointed by the whole Equestria Girl idea. It takes away the one thing that makes My Little Pony special; they are ponies! If they wanted humans, they could have re-imagined Megan, Molly and Danny. I would have loved that. I would have been jumping for joy at the idea of getting Megan back. (As long as she remained a horse kind of girl.) The new series has been awesome at re-inventing some of the old characters already. Twilight, Applejack, Spike, even Firefly to some extent. Why not Megan?


I guess that the sad conclusion to all of this is, that even a giant like Hasbro, dared not release a doll for little girls, that wasn’t pink and fluffy and wearing a dress, back in the 1980ties. Which is why, as I go hunting for a Molly doll next, I will ever remain disappointed by her as well. I wonder if times has changed? Could you release a doll today, that wasn’t in a dress?

I would dare say yes. You could have done so back in 1984 as well. Speaking as a little girl that grew up worshipping her, I can only say that Megan would have been a hit, if only she had been… Megan.


Preferably sold with a 20% cooler version of Firefly, (no offence to Sundance,) but you can be pink and cool, and Sundance just doesn’t cut it for me. Megan was sold with Sundance, as a set, making her even more sweet and adorbs to look at.

As far as dolls go, Megan is actually very well done. She can even sit on the horse, which is something hardly any dolls could back then. If only the dress had not been so much in the way…


I know, I promised no more pony posts on this blog. But this kind of isn’t a pony post. It is basically a post about a little girl, who held out for 30 years before she caved and bought the Megan doll she always wanted, despite the fact that it wasn’t the Megan she knew and loved. It was the doll that was offered. Which is why most girls have dolls like this while they grow up. Because it is all you can get, if you want dolls. Sweet looking girls in dresses…

Now that is some image to grow up and into, right?


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