Pass The Pigs

So, I was at a bachelor party this weekend… I know, I have about three friends and two of them has to get married the same summer… up till now, I have been totally awesome at dodging weddings, but clearly, no more… Anyway. Back to the bachelor party, which I am not going to write about, because I think that may be too private on behalf of my friend.

But, I am going to show a few pictures, just because they are hilarious. (Not of people, no worries.)

My old Cannon Eos Rebel has been through the war by now, 5 years old, about a 80.000 pictures later and having been dropped on its face quite a few times, or knocked out of my hand by ponies, you know, all kinds of stuff that cameras usually doesn’t like, and as such, I was wondering if it was still able to get these pictures.

The autofocus has some real issues these days, as the camera activates the lens too slowly, so I was fearing that I would get so much motion blur that it was impossible to get these shots. It turned out, though, to be some of the greatest shots of my carrier as a photographer so far.


I mean, the setting is awesome… The bright blue sky, the tree tops, and the flying pigs…


Truly once in a lifetime shots, if I may say so myself…


Pass the pigs game, blow up style…

IMG_8652Unedited, by the way…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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