Life And Her Ponies

Life (the cat) finally got her own Skywishes! Yeah, I got tired of her licking on my Skywishes, and I found her one at a yard sale…. Along with a Sniffles and a huge toy horse…



She is a funny cat… She never tire of her ponies. And Skywishes has some awesome play things as well…


And if anyone thinks she looks funny, it’s just because we shaved her to treat a skin infection. She is on the mend and quite happy to be without the long fur in the burning summer sun at the moment, so that was kind of a win/ win situation.

I know that I have been lousy at updating this blog lately. We have been rather busy with Dark Mare these days, and most other things have taken a back seat to the company. The last book in the Starstone Series, The Shadow of Time, is still coming out this year though, I am not forgetting.

I do think sometimes, that there should be more of me. I feel like I should be everywhere at once, and when I finally have a second to myself, the cat has a skin infection and needs to be shaved… I guess that when you have animals, there is always something unexpected to snatch up your time.

We are very blessed to have her though, our Life. I never tire of looking at her and her ponies. Also, it is the perfect excuse to move ponies into the bed… “It’s Life’s pony!” Somehow, the boyfriend accepts that much more, than if my ponies were kicking him out of the bed…


Having nearly starved and frozen to death, when we found Life two years ago, still earns her privileges in his heart. With what she has been through, she can do anything she wants for the rest of her life, if you ask him.


I just love buying ponies…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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