Viking Market

Some of my friends and I drove across country to get to a Viking market, about a week ago.

The day started rather sadly, with pouring rain. Which led to all of us forgetting sun-lotion, and when it cleared up, we got grilled by the sun for the rest of the day. Oh, well, welcome to Denmark.



The market was pretty cool though. The old houses, and boats, and the entire setting, was pretty amazing. If it hadn’t been for all the tourists, dressed all wrong, (us included, I know,) it would have felt like we had gone back in time.




They set up a new statue of Thor and did so by walking singing through “town,” gathering people.


And they had horses. Cute little Icelandic horses, because we all know that is the breed we had in Denmark at the time, and the Icelandic horse looked just like that, back then… Anyway, I still think it is pretty cool for a market to include animals and have the space to keep them secluded and on a pasture so they won’t be driven crazy by small stalls and people glaring at them all day.


And this little girl, had the craziest charisma. She was taken straight out of a fantasy story.


I do think that my friends were kind of surprised that I wanted to go. They have always been into the re-enactment scene, and I never really was, which is, I guess, why we have never done anything like this before.


The dirty little secret is that I despise the clothes and the fabric it is made from. I hate wearing dresses, and even if I was allowed to wear pants, the fabrics still makes my skin crawl. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love seeing it all. I am a fantasy writer, after all. I love seeing how people used to live. A market like this one, is very inspiring.




Also, I have been kind of impossible to drag away for an entire day like this in the past, because of my horses. Poseidon had me on a tight schedule for 15 years and I would have never dared, or wanted to, upset his everyday life, by going away and leaving it to someone else to feed him.

The little ones I have now, they don’t care. As long as someone shows up to hug and kiss them, and refill their hay wheels, they are perfectly happy, which means that I, for the first time in my life, can actually do things like this, as long as I have the boyfriend taking care of the kiddos. I only freak out a little, when he doesn’t answer his phone for too long at the time… You know, what if Marble kicked him? Or what if Ablaze got too wild and… stuff… But I am getting better. Totally. I guess it is about trust.

Trusting your horses to not kill your boyfriend. Trusting the boyfriend to read the horses and anticipate when dangerous situations may be oncoming. It feels kind of strange… Like a whole lot of responsibility has been lifted from my shoulders, and I didn’t even have to ask for it.

So, thanks boys and girls, for a great day! (And I am not showing any pictures of my friends, ’cause they are kind of camera shy, especially when it comes to having their kids posted online. One could only wish that there were more parents like that…)

Oh, and thanks for making me take a picture of this guy, now I am going to show him to the world;


He was sitting over the doorway at the stable… Got to love Vikings…


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