Pasture Pets

This is pretty much what we have been doing this summer… Nothing. And we loves it.


Those three guys are everywhere I am these days, and the only reason why the girls are not there as well, is that Saleem is beating up Tardis, and Ablaze is kind of mean to Marble, when they eat.

In light of all the recent lame, foaming, bleeding, screaming (if they could) horses we see from the European Championships these days, I am very happy that my kiddos are never going to know how lucky they are, to be doing nothing.


I’ll never understand why people think that a horse needs to work to earn his keep. I mean sure, back in the day, when you had horses to help you bring in the harvest, or to be used as transportation. Back then, we needed the horse to work. These days though, people seem to think that the horse still has to work, or he is worthless.

“My horse doesn’t want to be a pasture pet!” I have heard that a lot. Actually, the Danish word for pasture pet, is much worse, as it is pasture bum, indicating that it isn’t even a pet, it is a useless, unemployed piece of garbage, if it doesn’t work.

I don’t know. My horses doesn’t mind being pasture pets. They were not born to work for humans, and if I ask it of them once in a while, they do so because they want to make me happy, and because they want to play with me, not because they are afraid to be unemployed. Horses kind of doesn’t think that way… A shame, most humans do. I am pretty sure, if you asked Undercover or Totilas, if they wanted to be pasture pets, they’d say yes…

Anyway, it’s not like they don’t exercise. They run and play, like horses are supposed to. Every evening, in fact, once it isn’t too hot anymore.



These are cellphone pictures, by the way. I am really impressed by the boyfriends new phone. The camera in it, is just about as good as our old Canon Eos Rebel.


20150808_132107(1)Last but not least, this is what I come home to, when I has been at the stable all day, doing nothing with my pasture pets. Life and her ponies. (Okay that is the Rebel camera.) 


IMG_1652I am pretty sure that she doesn’t mind being unemployed either. Neither does her little sister… Oh yeah, Shy got a shelf, all to herself.


(Some might notice the Ecco box on the shelf underneath. I do not own a single pair of Ecco shoes. I got the box when I bought some (my little) ponies online and the woman I bought them from, sent them to me in that box. At the moment, it is a shelter for my work in progress custom ponies, as Shy has a very strong thieving tendency and everything that is not packed away, finds it’s way into her lair at some point. So no, not supporting Ecco in any kind of way… But it takes time to repaint a pony or fix up a Megan doll and they need a hiding place while I work with them…) 


So why is it that horses must work, suffer, win ribbons and put up with being beaten and kicked every single day, when we don’t expect the same from our other animals? Because it used to be that way? The horse had to work for the farmers family to survive, sure, but now?


I don’t get it. My horses are just as much animals as my cats are, and needs just as much protection from human abuse and misuse as my cats do.

At the moment, I am not even looking forward to riding them once they grow up. I just love hanging with them. I adore how they show up and swarm around me. Just before these pictures were taken, I was only lying with Ablaze, but it didn’t take long before Apocalipse and Saleem left their hay wheels to come eat with Ablaze and me instead. I guess that what I am saying is that my horses are choosing my company these days, which is something Saleem for one, didn’t do much when I was riding him.

I have been with him a lot lately, looking at how happy he is these days, as an unemployed bum, and I have to say, I don’t need to ride that horse. All I want from him, is for him to keep that smile on his face. I didn’t even realize that it had been gone, but now that it is coming back, I sure have missed it.

Maybe we can work out the whole riding without a bridle in time. Maybe he could be happy with that too, if I manage to work out clear lines of communication between us without the reins, but if I can’t, I really don’t need to force work on him.

It is worth more than a thousand ribbons to me, to have my horse chose my company, like he does these days.


So yeah, here we are. Pasture pets all around. And we loves it, we do.



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