Wedding Shoot

A friend of ours got married this month and since we couldn’t bring the Red Scarlet camera to her wedding, (we don’t do wedding photography,) we set up an extra photo shoot with her and her husband a few days later. (Also, I didn’t want to go to their wedding as Dark Mare Pictures. I wanted to be there, as their friend.)


This friend of mine, has been known as the Evil Icequeen long before Frozen was a thing created by Disney. I forget the story, but I am pretty sure we came up with it in relation to her old horse Lise, somehow… Anyway, it was a very beautiful wedding and the priest even managed to call her a Snow Queen, and they played Let it Go in the church… All in all, I was quite surprised by how much this Icequeen thing really was a thing for her, something she had let her family know of as well, including the village priest.

But that kind of spawned the idea of setting up this shoot, and playing on the Icequeen theme, since we can do animations.


It is always funny to show up with the Red camera and see how people respond to it. Most people forget basic things, like how to walk naturally, how to blink or how to speak, as soon as you point that camera at them, but my friend and her husband was completely awesome to work with.

They were natural, had an amazing chemistry, they had a lot of great ideas and they played along with everything we asked of them, and did so perfectly. I did threaten them a little afterwards, because when we are going to need actors for our web series, I will come after them with my lasso, and I will rope them in…


Unfortunately, since we did the shoot, we have had a lot of other shoots and meetings scheduled, so we haven’t had the time to edit it yet, but I am really looking forward to picking up the material. My only worries is that I may have too many awesome scenes to work with, which is a bit of a luxury problem, I know. The light was just perfect that day and the family farm is only overshadowed in beauty, by the couple themselves.


We are only shooting a little today, so hopefully we will be able to go over the material tonight.


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