At Long Last; Gravel!

At long last, I found a “gravel man” who could deliver the gravel I needed for my pasture and my horses houses. Turned out, it is harder to find one, that one might imagine. The first one I called, showed up at the stable unannounced one evening, calling me saying, “hey, I am parked in your drive way, where do you want it?” Which had me stumped because I had specifically told him that I did not live at the address and it was for a pasture with horses on it, so I had to be there. Fair warning, perhaps? No… I told him that it would take me half an hour to get there, if I dropped everything and drove straight away. He didn’t want to wait for that, and drove off again, saying that we’d find another day.

So I waited for about a week, I even tried contacting him a couple of times, but he did not respond. In the end, I came to the conclusion that he was pissed off about having driven all that way, (understandably,) for nothing, and I had the nerve to not sit there in wait for him at all hours of the day.

I called another company then, asking if they could deliver some gravel for my pasture. The lady answering the phone had no idea what kind of gravel I’d need, (you know, the kind without rocks and stuff in it…) and told me that she’d ask the guy driving the truck to call me and set it up, so we were sure I got the right gravel. That sounded fair enough, and as such, I waited for another few days, and he did not call, so I called the lady back up and she promised that she would make him call me. He didn’t. Having wasted another week of our precious sunlight, I was growing desperate.

I can’t drop gravel on my pasture if it is too wet, as that will create quick sand. I need the ground to be dry when the gravel is placed there, to keep it from muddying up. So, I called a third guy.

He instantly told me what day he could show up, and he promised to call me the evening before, with a time. And he did. Thumbs up, I was beginning to think that it was impossible to make appointments with truck drivers, but this guy was awesome.

We fenced the kids off at the back of the pasture, much to their dismay, so they wouldn’t get in the way of the truck, and once the last pile was delivered, they were let back in to help spread it out.





There is nothing like a fresh pile of sand, if you ask our horses. Especially the girls tend to get over excited and jump straight into the pile, head first. They both managed to get themselves stuck in a matter of seconds.

I only got pictures of Marble, because Tardis fought herself free instantly. Marble was a bit more surprised and clearly thought about the situation before she worked out how to handle it. Of the two of them, she may have learned something from this.



Saleem is never too over excited, but he likes taking part, and he had a good time standing on  the mountain, claiming it as his own.



Tardis proceeded to roll in it, because that is what she always does. Whenever that pony gets excited, she rolls.



Ablaze is a special kind of horse, as his curiosity is very strong, but so is his shyness. He wanted to play in that gravel, but he didn’t quite know how, and he spent most of the day, staring at the others, trying to learn how to have the most fun with a pile of gravel, not really daring to play too much with it himself. He was the first one to claim the houses though, once we moved the gravel in there, his curiosity almost always winning out.



Apocalipse is a bit of an ostrich, he likes digging holes and sticking his head into them.




As for the houses, I am very excited about this and I hope it works out. I really wanted to try having them on gravel, rather than straw, for a number of reasons. One, I will admit, is very selfish. I am allergic to straw and I would love to never have to deal with it again. Two, I don’t like how quickly it becomes messy with four or five horses in the same house when it rains. No matter how much straw I give them, if they have been inside the same house for 12 hours, which they sometimes chose, it is dirty in there, no matter what I do. And three, I am hoping it will be better for their skin and hooves. After all, they are Arabians. This is what they were made to walk in, in the dessert. So, fingers crossed, it will work out.



Thanks to our ever awesome Pinkie Pie, who showed up and helped us move the gravel and the last of the straw, so I didn’t have to touch the straw.




And thanks to my mother in law, who never fails to know just what we need on our pasture. We are so very happy about this, and it wasn’t a day too soon, as it has been raining since we left the stable yesterday. I hope everything looks alright when I get out there again today. Fingers crossed.




Happy horsey video;


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