#Welcomerefugees …

Usually I know just what to say, but when it comes to the refugees from Syria, I am speechless. I am stumped. I am horrified. What happened to humanity?

These people are running for their lives, from a country at war. They are swimming across the ocean on planks and rafters, drowning by the thousands, every day. Those who survive, they walk.

In Denmark, we have refugees walking on our freeways right this moment. They are still running, still not safe, as none of them wants to get caught in Denmark. I can’t say I blame them, as the Danish nation sure is one horrible place to get caught, if you are unemployed, sick, old, strange, or… if you are a refugee.

What I can’t wrap my mind around is why they are even on the roads to begin with. Why they are drowning in the sea. Why is there no organisations, picking them up?

Europe should be sending out ships, picking them up in Syria, making sure they didn’t have to risk their lives to cross the ocean. And once they arrive on the shore, we should be sending buses, trains, anything, to pick them up and drive them to safety.

I read a story today, about a family who had a small child with a broken leg, because she got hit by a car. They were walking through Denmark, hoping not to get caught, because if the Danish police get hold of them, they will be placed in a refugee camp for a year and then, sent back home. So they walked on, with their injured child.

They said that while walking through Germany, they had been picked up by a nice local, who had given them a ride. They had been pulled over by the police and the driver had been given a major fine for helping them.

So, they walked again. And the Danish police got them, and took them to a bed and breakfast, to spend the night, from which they escaped by jumping out of the window in the middle of the night. That is how desperate they were, not to get caught in Denmark.

All I can think, while reading a story like this one, is that this family got pulled over by authorities twice, and no one took that child to a hospital.

Are you kidding me? Imagine if the Danish police had found a Danish family, walking on the freeway with a child with an injured leg? That child would have been taken straight to a hospital, no questions asked.

Unless of course, it was a homeless child, like these refugees, because in Denmark you need a home address, to be treated at a hospital. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how little anyone cared for that injured refugee child.

Maybe not surprised. But horrified, nonetheless.

Turns out that the Danish police has been split in  two at the moment. Those who turn a blind eye at the law, and let the refugees pass through to Sweden, and those who make sure to make life miserable for them by taking them into custody, not getting them medical attention when they obviously need it, and in general make sure that no one else helps them either. We have charming videos of the police, floating around social media at the moment, preventing people from giving food to the refugees.

What in the name of…??? I have no words.

I ask again, if private people risk jail time for feeding starving fellow human beings, where then, are the humanitarian organisations? Why are they not stepping in? Why does no one, do anything? Where are the world? How are we failing these people so badly and why is it that hardly anybody seems to care?

Most of our politicians claim that we can’t have these people, because we can’t afford them. I guess that most of you have heard of the adds our government is sending out these days, in papers all over the world, warning refugees not to come to Denmark, because we don’t want them and we won’t support them, so if they come here anyway, we will let them starve, and when they steal to feed their families, we will ship them back home as criminals.

Makes you so proud to be Danish… (Sarcasm may occur.)

I honestly don’t care if we can’t afford them in the long run. Right here, right now, they need help. They need food, shelter and medical attention. They need safety for their children. This is a crisis of such a scale, that there can be no sitting on ones pile of gold, like a greedy dragon, afraid to share with those who have nothing.

This will go down in history. Some day in the future, children will learn about this crisis in school and they will wonder how this happened in 2015? How no one sent ships and helped those people not to drown, how no one sent busses and trains and helped them find safety in Europe. How none of the humanitarian organisations fed the refugees or helped them in any other way. How we watched them walk towards our borders for months, and how we did nothing until they suddenly walked down our freeways, and even then, how we did not aid them.

Yes, I am speechless. Horrified. And I weep for humanity, as well as for the refugees.


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