Lensflare And Cybernetics

We have been working on our science fantasy web series, Heartbreak East, for a while now, doing all the prep work, and one of the most challenging things is the female lead. First off, because we haven’t found her yet, so I have been standing in when we have been doing test shots with her, (being the only female on the team…..) and second, because we want her to be a cyborg. Long story, all will be explained in the series.

The challenging part has been designing her cyber arm. And not only that, but making it move like a real arm. I can easily say that animations are not in my skill set, but luckily we have other people on the team who has been working on this relentlessly and with a patience that seems almost impossible.

But, here we are. Our cyborg is about ready to be unleashed. I am still not allowed to show the video, but I have been given still frames I can spam you guys with…

Grit Cyberarm Lens Flare

Personally, I adore the lensflare… Everything looks awesome with a lensflare these days…

And I always thought it was a little funny, when you can make an arm, that wasn’t in the shot, interact with the camera, and produce a lensflare… To me, that is a pretty cool visual effect. Feels almost like magic.

Grit Cyberarm Lens Flare II

In other news, the last book of The Starstone Series, The Shadow of Time, is just about ready to be released as well, only we need to design a cover for it, and for once, I have no ideas. This book wraps up this whole world for me and I have no idea what or who should be on the cover. So, that is what I am working on at the moment, when I am not posing as a cyborg, so the Dark Mare team can work on their animation skills. Wish me luck!


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2 Responses to Lensflare And Cybernetics

  1. Carina says:

    Think it’s cool what you’re doing 🙂 Best of luck

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