The Dragonfly

The boyfriend and I was at the stable today, together. It’s been a while since we have had the time to take a day and spend it with our horses. Usually I take care of the morning shift at  the stable, and he takes the evening shift, unless he is too tied up in Dark Mare work, then I take the evening as well.

We were sitting at the house, watching the horses eat, and I heard a fluttering coming from our hay loft. We never go up there anymore, since we only have a bit of straw up there these days, and we don’t really use that. Still, it sounded like some kind of paper, moving in the wind…

So, because I am me, I had to check it out. I cannot stand sounds that are just there for no reason.

It turned out to be a rather huge dragonfly, stuck in the window, unable to figure out how to escape. The window of my hay loft does not open, so releasing it wasn’t going to be that easy.

The boyfriend got up instantly, and started looking for a bucket to catch it in. He then proceeded to climb the ladder, balance across the open space from the latter to the window, and catch the dragonfly in the bucket.

It is moments like these ones, I know why I am very lucky to have found a guy like him. Watching him go to such lengths to save an insect, without me asking him to, I know why he is perfect for me.

He wasn’t saving the dragonfly to make me happy, or to impress me, or because he knew that I would have done it myself, if he hadn’t. He saved it simply because he wanted to help it. He would have saved it, even if I had not been there.

He even spent ten minutes sitting outside with it afterwards, wanting to see if it could fly away, or if there was too much cobweb stuck to its wings.

I know that most of our friends seem to think that he wouldn’t be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for my bad influence on him, nor would he have horses, if it wasn’t for me.  It always bother me when people imply that, because I don’t think it is true. Our horses are just as much his, as they are mine.

It is moments like these, when I watch him with  a dragonfly, that I know I am not wrong. And that if he doesn’t tire of me, and my constant telling him to not step on my killersnails or mess up my cobwebs, he is the guy I can spend the rest of my life with. I kind of always knew that, but some moments just shine clearer than others.

So thank you, little dragonfly. I hope the cobweb on your wings isn’t going to be too much of a bother. I am pretty sure my spiders finds it bothersome that you ruined their web and didn’t have the decency to stay and be eaten.

I’m glad you didn’t though. Having spent ten years together, I guess that you sometimes forget why you are so good together. One day takes another, and you don’t exactly fall out of love, but you kind of lose your eye for details. Until you see your man standing on a ladder across an open space underneath the roof, trying to catch a dragonfly…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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