Supernatural – Season 10 – Series


I started watching Supernatural in March this year. I know, I have been very slow to jump on that band wagon, but well, now I am here. And at long last, have I managed to get my hands on season ten. That’s right, I live in a country where it’s not aired on TV, (and I don’t have a TV either,) so I have to wait for the new seasons to be released on DVD… Sucks? Yep. Big time.

It did mean though, that when I finished season 9, back in April, I had to wait for season 10 to be released. And for it to be shipped to me… and get lost in the mail… and in general, just drive me insane. And when I finally had it, I will admit, it took me a few days, before I sat down and watched it.

As much as I wanted to return to the world of Supernatural, I knew too that it isn’t such a nice place to be. Funny thing is, this season is just like all the others, and it still gets to me. I am rather amazed by that.

Over and over again, for ten seasons straight, the one thing you fear more than death, more than life, more than heaven or hell, is… separating Sam and Dean. And the clever script writers know that, so they do it in every single episode, as much as they possibly can, be it by letting one of them get caught by a monster, or having them fight amongst themselves.

Heartbreaking, every bloody time. If it is sort of, a standing joke within the series, that Sam and Dean are dangerously co-dependent of each other, then it is mostly a joke played on the fans. We need Sam and Dean to be together. Forever. We don’t care about closing the gates of hell, or releasing the darkness into the world, or helping Lucifer escape his prison. All of that is but a small price to pay, to keep those brothers together.


So, anyway. Aside from the same same, Sam and Dean show, this series is kind of… struggling. It isn’t as intense as some of the previous seasons, and to be honest, that is kind of nice. For once, we didn’t get our hearts trampled in every episode. For once, the overall story line, the mark of Cain, didn’t take up every episode. It was there, but most of the time, it didn’t really matter, because Dean handled it. No matter how much they kept telling us that it would control him in the end, and make him kill people, when push came to shove, Dean always won out. You never really felt the mark as a great threat.

Not until the last few episodes, and I will admit, when he shot that kid, I was thinking “finally…”  He was even lousy as a demon, just travelling with the King of Hell, drinking and hitting on girls… Give me evil already, don’t just talk about it. Make me believe that this is a real problem.

Castiel doesn’t play a big part in this season, except for funny sidekick mostly, and the only thing he really accomplices in this season is finding his grace and recovering. He does have some really good episodes with the girl who is the child of the man whose body he is occupying, (angels, what are you going to do,) but other than that, he doesn’t really get to shine.

The one thing that really bothered me about this season, was Crowley. He is a weak character, all the way through this season. Getting bullied by his mother, showing up whenever Dean calls… As much as I love the idea of having the King of Hell on speed dial, I was missing his agenda. He didn’t seem to have any. He went through this entire series, getting bullied by everyone. Even in the end, when they came to him, desperate for him to help them out, he agreed, despite the fact that Sam had just tried to kill him. Why?

What’s in it for him? Is he that much of a human now? Sure, he does have a nice little chat with Dean where they point out that he has gone soft, but this is not “going soft.” This is being completely overruled by every single character in the show. I sure hope he gets to come back in season 11, and be his old wicked self, perhaps with a human side for a change. That could be cool. This… isn’t.

I spent the last two days watching this season. As such, watching all the episodes right after each other, another thing stands out. I do believe that this is the most gay season to date. Or maybe I am just starting to look for it more… Either way, if feels like the script writers have a lot of fun imagining what would happen if Dean was gay… Only, they will never let him. So instead, they have episodes like Fan Fiction, where they make sure to have an entire episode attacking every character trade he has. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did think it was a pretty funny episode, but looking at the entire season, it gets a little… strained, really.

Hell, we all kind of want him to end up with Castiel. And we all know it will never happen. But joking about it all the time, means that it clearly isn’t just the fans that has thought it. So if the script writers doesn’t hate the idea, then why not?

I am not going to say that it feel a bit like cowardly script writing, because really, who he is with, hardly matters anymore. (As long as he isn’t separated from Sam…) I just find it kind of sad that we can’t have a super cool character like Dean, in a horror show like Supernatural, and let him be gay.

I am guessing I should stick with Torchwood, really…

Anyway. Season ten.

It’s sweet. Really. It is one of the nicest seasons in a long time. Sam and Dean get along most of the time- that was horrible in the last season, where they were hardly on speaking terms, don’t ever do that again, please…

And I have to say, I hated Abaddon. I was so happy to get rid of her. Turns out, she was replaced by Crowley’s mother, and she is every bit as annoying. No offence, but I really hope she is written out fast, in season 11…

I was a bit annoyed too, that Charlie was brought back from Oz. I mean, the way she was written out in the previous season, was pretty cool, for what might be the only cool female character in the entire series. Bringing her back, to kill her off, felt a bit unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that she got killed. We were quickly running out of extras that could get killed in this show, (or main characters that could be killed and dragged back to life…) so why not her. That’s always a nice way to make Dean say evil things to Sam… *sigh*

Should you watch it? Yes. Absolutely. If you made it through the first 9 seasons, then please don’t stop watching now. No matter how much I sound like I didn’t like it, I did. I love this show. Every bit of it. And I keep being amazed by that, and I will never stop wondering why…

But please watch it. It’s great. And if you are a little committed, you have time to finish it before season 11 airs. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where it is playing on TV…

Oh and by the way, killing Death? Well played, Dean, well played. If the mark of Cain had been stronger and affected him more throughout the series, I would have had a moment there, where I would have actually feared that he would turn on Sam.

But that is the single most fantastic thing about this show. How perfectly able they are to hurt each other, by saying mean things, or even beating each other up, and still, in the end, they never fail each other. That is why we watch this show. Because of Sam and Dean.

And not because they are cute or hot or sexy. No, because they love each other. That is the kind of love, I never tire of watching…

That is what makes this show so special.


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4 Responses to Supernatural – Season 10 – Series

  1. jen says:

    Supernatural is on our “to watch” list….first we have to get through the new episodes of Vampire Diaries and The Originals that just popped up on Netflix. It’s hard to keep up with all the great shows during volleyball season!

    • Starstone says:

      Supernatural is a must… It is awesome 🙂 And it will break your heart… and leave you wanting more ❤

      • jen says:

        Heart break….super…can’t wait. 😉 My daughter and I cry over our favorite characters waaaay too much to be normal. The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, The Hobbit….you name it, we cry. Have you seen Vampire Diaries???

      • Starstone says:

        Uhm I tried watching Vampire Diaries, but I don’t know… It didn’t really grab my attention 😉 I have been wondering if I should give it another chance 🙂

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