Pretty Little Liars, Season One – Five, Series

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I’ve been watching this show for a couple of weeks now, mostly because I was running out of things to watch on Netflix and well… It was there. At first, I will admit, I have no idea why I stuck with it.

I mean its… so full of flaws, I hardly know where to begin, be it the story line itself or the editing, the acting, you name it, it’s just… lacking. It has a lot of scenes where someone is, for instance, holding a can of soda, then you see it from another angle, and there is no soda, and back to the first angle, and it’s there again… I never used to pick up on things like these, until I started editing movies myself. Now, I just can’t not see it.

I will never understand the concept of the storyline. Five teenage girls, one of them go missing. Okay, that’s cool. So far so good. Then, a year later, the four who are left behind, starts getting strange text messages on their cell phones, from someone named “A.” Since the missing girl’s name was Alison, we all kind of think it’s her, writing to them.

But, that is where I drop out already. I mean, this is the basis for the story. Creepy text messages from an unknown sender.

I don’t know about you, or what phone service is like in the USA, but that can’t happen in Denmark. Around here, there is no sending messages from a blocked ID. It would be impossibly easy to just look up the number writing to you and find out instantly who the cyber bully was. Clearly, these girls live in a world where you just have to accept that when people send you texts, you have no way of looking up the number and making it stop. Okay then. Having swallowed that camel, the show did get a lot better, actually.

Then, Alison’s body is discovered, and she is declared dead. Who then, might be writing these texts? Clearly it is someone who knows every secret the four friends have, including how they accidentally blinded a neighbour girl with a smoke bomb, burning down the house in the process. That is the sole reason why the girls do not contact the police when the messages go from unkind and spooky to downright dangerous.

Fair enough. They don’t want anyone to know that they blinded that girl. I can see why you would want to keep a secret like that one. But once the story escalates and people around them starts getting hurt, run off the road in their cars, houses blown up, cars driven through their living room walls… Once you start fearing for your life, and the life of your loved ones, I cannot imagine why you would still keep a secret like this one. Surely, taking the blame for what you did, must be a lesser evil, than potentially losing your life to some psycho that is chasing you?

But no. And the sooner you accept that these girls will never tell, no matter what, the sooner you can get back to enjoying the show. Do not question the concept or the story. Take it for what it is. A good mystery, that doesn’t always make sense, and truth be told, it doesn’t really have to. It started out as a chick flick series and I swear I could feel my IQ dropping every time I started up another episode, and still, I kept watching it.

By the time I reached season four though, I have to say, I really liked the show, and no matter what plot holes you may come across, it didn’t matter. By then, I was kind of in love with Mona, and really hoping that she could become a part of the gang. She wasn’t always a good character, but she was always a pretty good actor and that made her interesting. To be fair, the acting does approve a lot, in general, over the seasons as well.

One of the great things about this show it its ability to swing it so that over time, you get to suspect every single person on the show for being A. Parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, you name it, no one is safe. Anyone could possibly be A and anyone could possibly have killed Alison. It turns out, Alison was not a likable person and nearly everyone in town had some sort of a motive for wanting her dead.

And then, you start to wonder, if she really is dead, or if she is A, just like the story started, only three seasons later, and it works. It really does.

So, should you watch this series?

Ehm, depends. If you like a good mystery, with a lot of spook and drama, and teenage girl problems, then oh, yes. Absolutely. It will not fail to entertain you, that I promise.

But if you can’t stand a lot of untied ends, storylines that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere, (I mean what was up with Caleb and Rawenswood? Was it trying to become a ghost story there, but gave up on the idea, or did I miss something???) and plot holes so big you can drive a bus through them, then no, it’s not a series for you.

I would usually fall into the second category. Still, I am waiting rather impatiently to get my hands on season six someday…. Just to see if I have figured out who A is, or not. I probably haven’t. I still loved it when Ezra was A… But no, they had to go and fix that… *Sigh*


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4 Responses to Pretty Little Liars, Season One – Five, Series

  1. jen says:

    I couldn’t wait to read this and see what you think of PLL, because my girls and I are sooo addicted! And we’re also stuck with only the episodes on Netflix. I think I’ve got A pegged, but it wasn’t just from watching the show…it was gleaned from my daughter’s reading of some of the books (which differ from the show in tons of ways), other people’s theories on social media, and the cryptic things that the creator and actors say on social media. But who knows….I’ve suspected everyone at one point or another! I have to mention the wardrobe for PLL too….the teenage girls I know don’t dress half that well on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why I’ve missed all the editing goofs you mentioned…I’m too busy staring at the characters’ shoes!

    • Starstone says:

      haha nice 🙂 I don’t think I can recall a single pair of shoes from that series 🙂 But I am waiting impatiently for season 6, that is for sure 🙂

      • jen says:

        Oh…the boots…the boots are to die for! It still drives me crazy when they lie or hide the texts and threats from the cops or their parents…but I guess “Pretty Little Truth Tellers” wouldn’t make as good of a story, huh?

      • Starstone says:

        haha I will have to pay more attention to the boots 🙂 And no, I guess that would make it a pretty short story, not at all worth 6 seasons 😉

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