My phone is kind of old fashioned. It doesn’t connect to the internet, it’s not a smart phone. It’s got a tiny screen and not a fancy camera. Basically, it is a phone, designed for one thing and one thing only. Making phone calls. Imagine that.

Anyway, I do have fun, once in a while, jumping on the selfie band wagon, and I will say, it’s not easy, with a phone like mine. Especially not when you try to include your horse… Usually they end up looking like this…


Which is a pretty artistic picture, if you ask me…

And then there are the lens flares… guess a horse. I will say, it requires a bit of talent to get lens flares like these ones with that phone… *insert laughing smiley here*



It’s been a strange weather lately. Two days ago, it was so warm I had to hose the horses down, to keep them from sweating too much in their long winter fur coat. Tardis is improving on her mud – monster skills…



Today, the wind is crazy, nearly blowing scooter an me off the road, and making sure that the horses are a bag of kangaroos to be around, spooking over everything and nothing and preferring to  pick up fallen branches from the nearby trees, rather than eat their hay.


So far though, it’s been a really awesome fall. Sun, mist, storm, we are cool with it. As long as it doesn’t rain. I hate rain and mud. This is cool. Feels like global warming is finally reaching Denmark…

I know, that will mean, of course, that being a stupid little island, we will all drown someday, if no one stops global warming, but for now, I am pretty okay with an October where it is so hot, the horses show up and ask for a shower. I have never tried that before. Usually we would be knee deep in mud by now, everything would be wet from never ending rain and then it would start freezing at night, just to make the pasture lethal. This is, well… Sort of nice.


(For anyone offended, I am not making fun of global warming. It isn’t something we should take lightly at all.)

Looking forward to seeing what kind of weather we will have tomorrow, because clearly, you never know around here.

I will have to surrender at some point though, and update my phone after all. I hate the idea of a smart phone, because what I really need is a phone that never runs out of battery. I need to know that I can trust it when I am at the stable. That I can, at any given moment, call my vet, if need be. I have, once too many, been alone at the stable, with my battery dead and a sick horse. I cannot let that go. I simply do not trust the smart phones’ ability to actually work as a phone…

I can’t keep being so disconnected though, when it comes to Dark Mare. I guess that I am slowly getting used to the idea of a work phone, that does connect to the internet, after all… But then again, where is all the fun in taking selfies then? I like my stupid little phone…


Yes, I know. What I am really doing with this post, is delaying editing the last 90 pages of my book, the Shadow of Time. We almost have a cover worked out as well. I better buckle down then, and get it ready to be published.

Oh, and I as soon as I am done working with this book, I am trading computers with my mom, which means that this bloody HP laptop will finally be out of my life for good. I really hate this computer. It is so slow, so useless, so impossible to work with pictures on. I swear, it takes it two full minutes to open word, when I have to edit my books. It is driving me insane.

Luckily, my mom has a computer that is too sensitive for her and she is dying to get rid of it, so once we trade, I might be able to start writing again, without going insane that the computer is working against me at all times.

Fingers crossed.

That would be awesome.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to #Selfie

  1. jen says:

    Just thought of a possible battery solution! My daughter has a charging case for her smartphone – it’s basically back up battery power. She charges both phone and case while she sleeps and can get through an entire day of texting, snapchatting, and game playing without running out! Might be something to check out if you ever have to upgrade!

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