Pink Pink Pink

I haven’t played music in a very long time. Our band has been kind of good at meeting without actually playing. I guess that is what happens when you have known each other for years and years and at some point, long ago, you stopped being just band mates and became actual friends.

Anyway, we are totally planning on playing this weekend, and as such, two of us met up today to get new strings for our guitars. I won’t tell a lie, it’s been… five years maybe, since I last changed strings on the Spanish guitar…

So, upon going to the shop, (truly, none of my old music shops exist anymore, so that was a new experience as well,) I got new strings for the little old Spanish and then… I came across the most perfect pink strings for the electric guitar.


Now, our band usually play acoustic. It’s just easier, that way we don’t have to have a rehearsal space for all the times when we are not playing anyway, and we can just meet at the one of us who has kids’ house, and play without waking up the entire house at night. Over the years, we got so used to playing acoustic that I for one, don’t miss the electric guitar.

But, pink strings? Are you kidding me? My old girl totally needed those…


They sound horrible, by the way. But who cares, they look awesome!

Much to my surprise, the Spanish sounds pretty good with the new strings. I was beginning to wonder if she was beyond saving by now, but so far, it looks like she is getting new life.


Wup, wup, can’t wait to actually play her again, with the girls!


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