Windows 10

I’ve been offline for a while, because I’ve been trading computers with my mom. Trading wasn’t as easy as one might have thought, since both computers needed to be wiped clean and have Windows ten installed. For that to happen, one has to first upgrade windows 8, and make it windows 10, so the computer gets a legal licence. Then, you have to download the program, keep it on a flashdrive, and then you can do a clean instalment of windows ten, erasing whatever else was on the computer.

One could argue that updating windows might have been enough, but my old computer, the HP my mom was getting, was created to be annoying, and had the D drive almost filled up with nothing and everything… Of course that had to be changed. And my mom’s old computer, the one I’m writing this on now, was so full of dodgy looking programs and viral infections, that it had to go, all of it. I have no idea how she managed to get the computer so infected, but here we are.

As for installing windows ten, it took about 12 hours to update the first computer, download the program, and install it, while formatting the hard drive. Then it took about four hours for the two computers to work out how to move my mom’s things from her old computer to the new one, via the wireless network.

And just as my poor boyfriend, who was stuck fixing this for us, was about ready to go kill himself, he saw light at the end of the tunnel, thinking that he could just use the same windows ten, on the same flash drive, so he didn’t have to spend hours downloading it again.

You might think that we have a slow internet connection, from reading this. We don’t. We really don’t. This has just been as impossible as well, possible.

So, once he found out how to enter the boot menu, (which is pretty impossible on laptops these days,) he came to realize that he could not just use the same windows. My mom’s version had been downloaded in Danish and there was no changing it to English, without downloading it all over again. (Yes, my computer is speaking English. That makes everything much easier, except, clearly, installing windows ten.)

All in all, it took about 24 hours of more or less none stop work, (I believe he slept for four hours, while the computers were moving stuff between them,) to wipe and reinstall both computers.

Now, I just hope that my mom likes the HP computer, because so far, I adore this little Asus. The keyboard is much better for me to write on, which is pretty important. The year I have had the HP, I have hardly been able to write anything, because the keyboard was annoying me, and the computer was annoying me, and the screen was impossible for my eyes to see anything on and… Yeah, I really disliked that thing. My mom seems to like it though, so fingers crossed she won’t regret trading. I know that I don’t, even if I felt very sorry for the boyfriend along the way, while he was fighting to make them work out.

As it is, I can feel myself looking forward to start writing again, just because I love this keyboard so much. So, while I wait for the cover designer to work out the last of the cover for the Shadow of Time, I’ll be busy reading up on my Legacy Series, and picking them up again this winter. Now, with a computer what won’t drive me insane. Imagine that.

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  1. I hate hp, they are so annoying. I have one grrr.

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