My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic, Season Four- Series

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!


I just watched My Little Pony, friendship is magic, season 4 and it was EPIC!



Okay, trying to calm my excitement… Deep breaths… Before we get to the part where I am totally freaking out, let me just, real quick, mention the Power Ponies episode. Because we all know that the ponies are awesome, so why not make them super heroes?


And add a super villain, with a crazy mane?


I know that I wanted to buy these ponies in the stores, as soon as I saw them, but now, having watched the show, I need them in my life. Oh yeah, it works.


Only have Rainbow Dash, so far…


And now, to the season finals!

No wait, first, I think I should introduce you all to Scorpan and Tirek. Those of you, not born in 1980, not growing up scared to death of this evil centaur and his poor servant Scorpan, not knowing of the very first My Little Pony show, won’t know just how awesome this season finale is.

So, the very first My Little Pony episode, the Escape from the Midnight Castle, introduced the bad guy, Scorpan, who flew dragons across pony land, and stole ponies. (Yeah, that is Spike!)


He brought them home, in chains, and gave them to Tirek, the evil dark lord.


Tirek was truly scary, he had a little bag containing something that would pulsate like a heart, which he would stroke in a soothing kind of way, whenever it got too excited.

It turned out to contain the Rainbow of Darkness, (not sure what it was called in English, I was a kid and watched it in Danish,) and when it was released, it engulfed the captured ponies and turned them into dragons, forcing them to work as slaves for the evil dark lord.


This was My Little Pony, back in the 1980ties. More heavy metal than most heavy metal bands ever dared imagine. Dark, cruel, evil, scary… Anyone who thinks that My Little Pony is “just a show for little girls about stupid talking horses,” (I get that a lot,) have no idea whatsoever, what they are talking about. It is the most evil show you will ever come across, designed for children to watch.

Anyway. The season finale introduced a new super villain. Or, should I say, reintroduced Tirek.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! It even told the story of Scorpan and Tirek, from back in the day… Sort of. Close enough.

maxresdefault (1)

And in the end, like back at the Midnight Castle, he was beaten by the rainbow. This time, the rainbow was released as part of the magic of friendship, turning our six friends into the rainbowfied version of themselves, (awesome!), but all the same, I was watching one of the most important stories of my life, reimagined, validated and retold.


You have no idea how fantastic that is. Really, I feel like Pinkie Pie right now, jumping up and down, not knowing where to focus my happiness.

My Little Pony lost a lot of its charm for me, with the less awesome Generation 3 stories. The Generation 4, friendship is magic series, were always good, but they introduced a reimagined Applejack. Same name, same cutiemark, nothing else in common. They introduced a reimagined Spike, still a baby dragon, but now grown up with Twilight Sparkle. They introduced a, sort of, reimagined pony world, and to some extent, it was pretty cool. I did miss the connection to the old stories though.

Don’t get me wrong, the Friendship is Magic series has a lot of throwbacks to the Generation 1 ponies, if you know where to look for it, and they always make my jump for joy, Pinkie Pie style, but bringing the ultimate bad guy back, now that is just…



So, should you watch it? Yes, yes, yes, yes!

I don’t care who you are, how old you are, or how much of a masculine male character you have. Watch it. My Little Pony is the best show ever. It is still evil, still dark and cruel, and these days, it manages to have a fine edge where children can watch it without being scared to death, and where adults can watch it and snicker to themselves at all times.

After all, what My Little Pony really is, is a glimpse into the mind of little girls. It doesn’t get more evil than that.

Oh, and… Tirek is back! Wup Wup!



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