A Strange Day

Hello everypony, Ablaze here. It’s been a while since I have written on this blog, mostly because I have been so busy being awesome, that I haven’t had the time. I did have a very strange day, yesterday, and I thought I would take some time away from my usual awesome, and tell you guys about it.

IMG_4672(Its me on the left, with my cute little mom to the right…) 

So, yesterday started like every other day… You know, it’s getting colder by now, and it rains more, but my fur is growing long, so that is not a problem at all. And of course, Saleem and me are totally hugging the little house, (the AWESOME house,) kicking Apocalipse out in the rain! Sometimes Marble is allowed to join us, but for me, it is pretty cool to see Apocalipse go. Don’t get me wrong, Apocalipse is great, but sometimes, he can be kind of mean to me, for no apparent reason… At least, I don’t know why…

Anyway, now he is stuck with the big house, (the LOOSER house,) and the girls. Ha!


Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, yesterday. So, just like any other day. Our little human arrived and fed us and changed our water, (Apocalipse is such a pig, he slobbers in it like you wouldn’t believe…,) and then our other little human arrived. Clearly it was going to be one of those days.



You see, they are hardly ever at the stable at the same time, unless it is because they once in a while take a day off and hang with us all day, or… something is about to happen…. You never know, really.

After they were done grooming us, and we were still stuffing our faces with hay, they sat around like they were waiting for something. I kept an eye on them, but I know better than to try and anticipate what they are up to, by now.

They tried to make my mom play with them, and totally failed. When she doesn’t want to move, nothing is going to make her.



I am sure they had fun with it though. They did run around with that little black box that makes funny noises as well, all day.


Humans are strange. They have a lot of little things, they tend to look at. I mean, look at this, my mom is being awesome, (duh, she IS my mom,) eating hay with her human, and what is he doing? Looking at some little thing in his hand, like it is more interesting than hanging out with her? What is up with that? I will never understand humans…


They took Saleem riding as well. They hardly ever do that anymore, so of course, I was more than a little excited to join in! It is totally fun, when they ride Saleem, because that means that he is totally defenseless!


Yeah, that is right. If you run about him, he ignores you, when the human is sitting on him. You can totally get away with loads of funny stuff, when he is being ridden, stuff that would usually earn me a few bite marks…



Once in a while, I do think that the human encourage Saleem to put me in my place, when I least expect it… What is up with that? Traitor.


Saleem was pretty awesome though, (not as awesome as me, but close,) he has got an amazing focus, compared to me. I totally wandered off…



And then, one of those little things the humans always carry with them started making noises and she stopped Saleem to talk into it. How strange is that? And then she jumped off Saleem, just like that and disappeared into the stable.


Once she came back, she had a strange blue thing in her hand and she put it in my mouth, and it was wet and slimy… and she put it underneath my tongue and left it there. It took me forever to get rid of it! Crazy human! What in the world?

Then, the vet showed up in her car. Oh, yeah, I know that girl. She always tries to poke needles into me for some strange reason. I mean, if we are to be friends, poking me with needles, is really not the way to go! Usually, I totally let her know who is the boss around here! Best of luck, I am too awesome for you guys!

Humans are easy. They give up, if you just throw your weight around enough. I learned that from my mom. Trap them between your body and the wall, and push at them, just enough for them to get scared, and they give up. If they are particularly stubborn, rearing up against them can help, or kicking at them with your front hooves, while keeping them pinned against the wall… Trust me, works every time.

Usually, my little human is really darn stubborn, but for some reason, she always backs down easy when the vet is there. I think she is afraid I might hurt the vet? Imagine that. Does she not know what the vet is trying to do to me?

I mean, really, needles?

Anyway, once the vet arrived, I made sure to go eat hay and make myself invisible. They picked up my mom and took her into the house. I have no need to know what they did to her. When it comes to the vet, it is every man for himself. My mom is tough, she will handle them.

Then, they took Saleem. Marble kind of freaked out about that, and normally I would have helped her throw a tantrum, but I was beginning to feel kind of sleepy all of a sudden.

I have no idea why. Usually I am very alert and, you know, super awesome, but I just couldn’t seem to be quite my normal self. Later, I wondered, if my human betrayed me, and fed me something that made me sleepy… could she be that evil?

Anyway, when they were done with Saleem, they came for me. I could not fight them! I just followed the halter- imagine that, me, following a halter! The madness! They took me into the house, and sure enough, the vet showed up with one of her needles. Would she give it up already?

I will say, I nearly had them. I did manage to get both the vet and my human pinned against the wall, and I did manage to kick at the vet with my front leg, because I am just that awesome, but somehow, the sneaky little bastard worked her way around me and managed to poke that needle into me after all, while I was busy keeping my human pinned against the wall.

Then, I became really tired. I don’t remember much after that. I think they put something metal in my mouth, I remember a strange noise and… Laughing? They couldn’t possibly be celebrating something, could they? If they find this to be a victory, they are sadly mistaken. Stupid humans…


Then, I was outside, next to Saleem, and they left me to sleep, while I could hardly stand on my feet. Poor, poor me. It is a good thing that I am as awesome as I am, otherwise I am not sure I could have survived how evil these humans are…


I will admit that today, whatever they did do, kind of made my teeth smoother, and made it easier for me to eat without spilling my food. So maybe, it wasn’t so bad after all. If only they could do without those bloody needles, I might trust them a bit more in the future.

Anyway, that was a strange day! Thanks for reading along! Now I better go back to being awesome! So long!



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