The boyfriend and I visited his mother this weekend. Somehow, we got to talking about how she is not on facebook, and how she could totally keep up with our lives if she was. She retaliated by saying that she reads my blog, so unless that blog was censored, she was pretty up to date.

While I will always maintain that I do not censor my blog, the boyfriend disagreed. He pointed out that I post way more stupid pictures on face book, than I do on my blog. Like, for instance, the day I lost to the paint bottle.

I have to agree. I didn’t post that picture on my blog. Mostly, because I have another blog for my My Little Ponies. https://veronicamerlin.wordpress.com/

But also, because I don’t know… It felt a bit like a funny thing to post on Twitter and on Face Book, but maybe it was a little too stupid for this blog? And the second I thought it, I realized that this picture totally belong on this blog. Honestly, this is so me.


How did it happen, you may ask yourself? Easy.

The boyfriend has a lot of paint bottles, having owned a shop that sold them once upon a time. It does mean that some of the colors are rather old by now and need a good shake before they are usable. This particular color was blocked at the opening.

Lazy as I am, I tried poking a hole through it with a fork, but it didn’t work. Of course I wasn’t getting up to find a needle, that would have been too easy, so instead I figured that I would just have to squeeze it really hard, and it would surrender.

So I did. And it was really stubborn. I mean, seriously. I had to use both hands…

And then it exploded. The entire top fell off.

Somehow the only place where the paint didn’t hit, (luckily,) was on the computer and the pony. You should see the floor behind me…

So yes, I lost to a bottle of Vallejo paint. It happens. More than one would think, really… And I am never above admitting it, so please excuse if this is a bit of a silly post. I am totally not censoring my life on this blog.

But yes, I do leave a few things out, once in a while. Can’t write about everything, now can I? You really have to be on Face Book to keep up…

Pony turned out good though, if I may say so myself. Named her Ice Dancer.


And no, the paint didn’t wash off my clothes. Not even a little bit. Got it out of my hair though, eventually.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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