I Guess That Is Life

I haven’t updated my blog for a while now, mostly because I have been pretty homeless. We have had our windows changed, which has meant that there has been people, (imagine that- people!) running up and down our stairs, in and out of the house, all day. Not to mention how early these guys show up…

For someone like me, who usually works until 4 am, getting up at 6 to empty your bedroom so the workers can get access to windows, and make sure that all your ponies (my little ponies,) are safe, not to mention, preventing Shy, (the kitten) from running away, is pretty draining.

On top of that, we are having road work done at the road that runs by the stable, and I just realized a few days ago, that they are closing up all access to the farm next week. Well, not ALL access, I can still drive nearby, leave the scooter and walk the rest of the way, dodging the heavy machinery and the huge holes in the road that they are digging, (damaging our drain pipes, while they were at it, flooding my pasture until they fixed it,) but what was really freaking me out, was that all of a sudden, next week, there will be no driving in or out of the farm, and no one knows how long.

Which means that I can’t get hay delivered, unless they make it this weekend. Which means that I will have five horses and no hay… The thought of which is enough to have me thrown into a full blown panic attack.

Sometimes, you just want to sit down and let the world spin without you for a change. Sometimes I have to tell myself not to worry. It will work out. Of course, I will find a way to fix the hay situation. If need be, I’ll have them drive across the pasture. We can take the fence down, right? I’ll fix it. I always do. Who needs a driveway anyway?

Sometimes I wish that there could be someone else, to worry about these things, and to fix them for me. I know that I would sleep a lot better at night, if I didn’t have dirty road work sneaking up on me, closing off “my” farm.

So, before this gets a way too tragic post, I will have to post some stupid pictures from our last meeting with the Dark Mare crew. (As we wrapped up for the night, and was done being serious and all…)

Here we go, Jonathan, (one of our actors,) taking pictures of himself, and me, helping him, take pictures of him… #TeamJonathan. Our wonderful light technician, Kenlen, making sure to point his flashlight at us, doing his very best to ruin our selfies…




Well, who is the fool now, they turned out awesome!


Or, well… they turned out pretty amusing. At least for us.


It is always nice to have a gang of people with great spirits. That has to at least make you smile, even when not much else does.

unnamed (2)

On the plus side, I am back in my work room, and my computer is up and running again, and now- we have windows that works! No more writing with gloves on, freezing my fingers off, no more sleeping and waking up with snow on my pillow… (yeah, our windows were in that bad shape, believe it or not, and we are tenants in a professional renting association. I have been begging them for new windows for years, but until now, they just told me that I had to “live with it.” Thanks.) So it really is awesome, I mean, I can actually turn on the heat and it makes a difference now. Imagine that…

But I guess that is life. Nothing is ever easy, and even getting what you want, (like new windows,) comes with a down side, (like having to pack up everything and have to interact with people.)

And now, back to my writing, at long last! The new computer is working out, and I don’t need to wear winter clothes and gloves indoors anymore. It is so good to finally be able to sit down and open my books again, and move the story along once more. I truly missed that.


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