The Complete Starstone Series!

It just arrived, the last of the Starstone Series! It is so amazing to finally have the last book in my hands! The Shadow of Time;


The Danish version as well. Tidens Skygge;


This story has been a long way underway, it has been part of me since I was very young, and now, it is finally released.


And at long last, I am able to have in on my bookshelf! Imagine that…


I know, it is keeping great company there, amongst LOTR and Dragon Lance, and the Starstone would never compare itself to such master pieces, but for me, it is just as important, as the books that inspired me once upon a time. Not to mention the awesome company of the My Little ponies…

But here it is. From now on, everything I write is for my own entertainment. With the Starstone, I always feared not finishing them. I needed that story to be told. I needed to hold these books in my hands, knowing that others could share in this world of mine.


And part of me always feared that one of my horses would accidentally injure me, or the two times I have been run over by cars on the road, my first thoughts were always that I didn’t get to finish that story. Strange thing, really, lying on the windscreen of a car, thinking “crap, I never did get to write the end…”

So what I am saying is, now I can die happy. Not that I am planning on dying any time soon. But if I should go, it sure would be with one regret less.


Thanks to everyone who have bought and read it already! Especially my super awesome friends Wheeler and Noel- you guys rock. Your support means the world to me!



About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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