Dark Mare Behind The Scenes

The Danish forest is amazing this time of year. Naturally, Dark Mare Pictures are trying to make the best of the fantastic colours, and even though the old Canon Eos Rebel, is vastly out dated and long ago stopped working as it should, I can’t seem to let it go, so I always bring it on set, to do behind the scenes stuff.

Now, I have to post some of the pictures from today, and I know they could have been better, (probably are, once I get to the frames from the Scarlet…) but I adore this little camera. So here goes, Danish autumn forest;




IMG_5608                                                              IMG_5812

I never can resist the lonely kind of shots…


IMG_5579                                                              IMG_5851

Or, whenever you have the change, get that hobbit on camera… They are fast little buggers…



We have an old shelter in (most) of our forests, from the war. We have a big one, fenced off by the military, nearby where we shot today. Not sure about that barbwire, and what they are trying to keep in, but maybe it is just my imagination, finding it strange that it has been placed like that.




And I have to add the focus change, just because I am a geek…



Two very different pictures, telling the same story.

Luckily it wasn’t too cold today, otherwise I would have probably got sick from wearing this costume… We are having a strangely warm fall this year. Which makes it even easier to get a lot of movie making done.

IMG_5902                                                            IMG_5677

I know that I don’t often show pictures like these ones, but once in a while, I have to. I get that you have to have a really good online connection for this blog to display pictures this heavy, (fast, before I lose patience,) but I hope you guys will enjoy them anyway. And let me know if they don’t load. I’ll make them smaller then…



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