Walking Dead

I have been really sick lately, which is why this blog has been quiet again. Today, I rose from the dead though, and went on set with Dark Mare.

I won’t lie, even last night, I doubted if I would be able to go. I am rarely so sick that I can’t take care of my horses, but this time, I have left them to the boyfriend a lot, which says a lot for my pathetic state.

Last night, we had a storm sweep across the lands, and I was at the stable by nine in the evening, (because I won’t stay away for too long, no matter how sick I am or what the weather throws at me,) and everything was under water. The roads were under water. My scooter was swimming to get me there. Heaven and earth seemed to have melted into a crazy inferno of water and wind and darkness.

When I came home, I was really, really sick again. (Clearly, weather like this, doesn’t improve on your situation if you are running a fever already…) The boyfriend asked me if we had to cancel the shoot and I honestly didn’t know.

But this morning, the weather had calmed, everything was quiet and sunny. Who was I then, to keep Dark Mare from working?

We are doing a short film at the moment, which is a rather personal story for me, as a script writer. Naturally, we had to have my horses in that film. So here we are, setting up at the stable.


Now, the boyfriend doesn’t really like shooting at the stable. He doesn’t like the buildings and the scenery. I will give him, it isn’t the perfect setting, but I can over look the less than perfect picture, in order to have my horses in frame… It is harder on him, as he is always hunting for the perfect picture. Speaking off, I adore this shot of him.


It is always hard, working with animals, making them do the right things, at the right time, in front of the camera, but I have to say, my little angels were perfect superstars. They never tire of us, they are always attentive and curious and willing to perform. The hardest part about working with them, is to make them wait for the camera to set up, before they start being awesome.

IMG_5933 2

It was a really nice day though, despite the less than perfect setting. I even made it through without feeling too horrible. I am looking forward to going over all the material we got today. Tomorrow. When I am a little more focused than I am this evening. I do still feel quite a bit like a walking dead.


I hate being sick. I hate the feeling that my body isn’t responding like I want it. Hopefully, I didn’t look too sick on camera today… It really was nice to get out of my bedroom though. I have been so bored, I have been watching all kinds of movies and series, I wouldn’t normally give a second of my time and in desperation, I ended up starting over on Supernatural, because that is, at least, a good series, and it will keep me entertained for a long time…

Anyway, one last shot, of one of our wonderful actors, figuring out how to help pack up the equipment afterwards. Yeah, it can be a little daunting at first, to work with.


Here is where I should say that you get used to it. But truth is, you don’t. A camera like the Red Scarlet never stops being daunting. I am not the clumsiest person in the world, but in spite of that, I have managed to drop our Canon camera on its face more than once. (Don’t tell the boyfriend, he is still under the impression that it isn’t working properly, due to old age…) I don’t trust myself with the Red camera. I hope I never will. As long as I don’t, I know I wont drop it…

And if this post didn’t make sense, I apologize. I am not at my sharpest at the moment. But for a zombie, I think it is a pretty well written entry…


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