I won’t turn this blog into a Dark Mare Pictures blog, I promise. It is just taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

I was looking over the material we shot at the stable this weekend, and first off, it is really hard to work with animals, but I was surprised by how much we managed to get, that was actually really good.

I adore this still frame, for instance; (Now, it’s not color graded yet, so it’s not perfect…)

Still - Nicon 00

And this one;

Still - Nicon 2 2

But mostly, I have to say, I loved seeing my friend on camera. When we were younger, she had dreams of becoming an actor, and she has worked with us a lot of times over the years, but somewhere along the way, she lost her dream. I always felt that it was a shame, since she is easily one of the best actors I have worked with so far.

Still - Nicon 3 3

She is so great at slipping in and out of character, she is so intense on camera, and it never feels like she is wondering what to do next. Looking over the footage for this shortfilm, I had to be amazed by the difference between the two of us.

Me, I am all over the place. (Okay, I was handling the horses, that is kind of hard, keeping track of five horses at the same time, making them act before the camera, without using force of any kind, but still.) I keep looking at the camera, waiting for the director to let me know when we are ready, and even when I know we are rolling, I become impatient with the shot, very easily. Amalie though, she is just on. 

For this shot, I had to place Tardis between her and the camera, and run back and make sure that Ablaze wasn’t eating the cameraman, and Amalie just stood there, not laughing, not smiling, not responding at all to all the chaos around her. She just played her part.

Still - Nicon 4 3

I cannot help but admire that. And hope that she will dust off her old dream of acting, and work with us some more in the future…

And me, I can’t wait to get back behind the camera again. I am much better when I get to be everywhere… No time for me to get impatient.

All though, I should probably work on that…


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