Water Testing

I know that a lot of people have it a lot worse than Denmark. I know. Still. I hate the rain that just keeps coming.

My pasture is under water. The lowest part of it is completely gone these days.


Usually it is drained, but notice the machine working on the road in the back ground? This is what the road looks like at the moment, and no one knows where our drain pipes went, but gone they are…


Even the usually dry parts of the pasture is starting to flood now. I can see my grass dying with every step the horses take when the ground is so soft.


Luckily, the horses are cool. They kind of like playing in water… Got to love their spirit.

I am busy digging paths for the water, creating little rivers, leading it around my houses, preventing the water from flooding the horses sleeping places.


The things you do, when you have horses…

And then the road started to flood. I swear, I didn’t see it coming. When I went to the stable last night, in was dark, raining, and I reached the part of the road where there are no longer street lights. That means that you go from street lights, down a hill, into a forest, (which makes the night even darker,) and they elected to stop the street lights there. Basically, you are plunged headfirst into darkness, and are completely at the mercy of the lights on your vehicle.

I responded to slow, last night. I went down that hill, saw the darkness on the road as something even darker than the dark, and then… water. I swear, the scooter just sank into it, and it exploded in my face. (My helmet is broken, so I can’t close the visor.) For about ten full seconds, I could see nothing. I got water in my nose, and stupid as I am, I opened my mouth to breathe, (which is pretty dumb, when you are under water,) and all I could do was let go of the gas and let the scooter fight its way out, hoping that I could keep it straight so I wouldn’t end up in the road side.

Today, I learned my lesson. No plunging headfirst into this hole. It is much deeper than it looks.


And it’s not clean water, you know. The things I was spitting out of my mouth afterwards… I am glad it was dark. I don’t want to know…

On the plus side, the little Explora can actually swim. She didn’t die on me. My old Grido would have stalled instantly if I had driven him into a minor lake like this one. A slight drizzle and he died. Turns out, Explora passed her water test with flying colors.


That is actually very heartening. I had feared winter quite a lot. And rain. There is nothing worse than stranding on the roadside with a stalling scooter, and five horses that won’t get food if you don’t make it to the stable.

At least not for me. But the rain comes close. I hate rain. I really, really do.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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