Baby Raincloud And The Starstone Pony

Happy posts… Right.

I know that I have this blog, for my My Little Pony collection,

To keep me from posting too many ponies here, but one of the things that does make me happy these days, is my ponies, so please bear with me.

I don’t think I ever introduced The Starstone pony;


I know, making a pony like that… Too big headed? Maybe. I kind of like her. And I made her, mostly, because I found a red paint I really wanted to use, and she just took on life of her own. Much like writing the series, really…


Her hair glows in the dark as well. Just because… why not? The Starstone series are fantasy, she had to be a little magical, right?


Lately, I have been watching Supernatural again. I really can’t let go of that show at the moment, even though I know what is going to happen. To be honest, it was heartbreaking, watching it the first time, but knowing where the story is going, isn’t making it any easier. What do you know…

So, while I watch it, I like to keep my hands busy, and here we have Baby Raincloud;


My newest custom pony.


She is pretty cute, if I may say so myself. She hangs out with the Starstone pony and one of my many  Baby Moondancer’s, (and Baby Cotton Candy and Baby Blossom,) next to my computer.


Mostly they are making me smile. Only Baby Moondancer tends to give me the evil eye for not working when I should, and watching TV shows instead…

Welcome to “my crazy.” But seriously, it is pretty awesome, to be able to make ponies like these ones. The Starstone pony is even made from a fakie. Not that you can tell, right? And Baby Raincloud was once a worn down, well loved and played with, Baby Firefly. I love giving them new life like this.

I know that it is hard to tell from this picture, but the Baby Moondancer is in really bad shape. She has pony cancer, which means that her plastic, her body, is deteriorating. I am not even sure it is worth the trouble to try and fix her up, but for now, she is hanging out with the others, while I figure out how to help her the best.

And she makes me smile, nonetheless. I always adored Baby Moondancer. Ever since she got the Rainbow of Light and was kidnapped by the evil Katrina… (Speaking of the old TV series, here, I am not completely insane…) She is kind of a childhood hero of mine.

Anyway, I hope this post is a little more cheerful than what else I have been posting lately. I actually think it is a sign that I may be accepting the continued rain we are having, when I start painting rain clouds on my ponies…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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