We got the first snow of the year today. All day, I have seen pictures of my friends, building snow men, or posting news about how much snow is blocking their roads. I don’t know what part of Denmark they are living in, because where I am, I couldn’t build a snowman.

Sure, we got snow. But mostly, it was just really, really cold rain. The horses got themselves stranded outside, for mysterious reasons, so when I showed up to feed them this morning, in what was mostly pouring ice rain, they were all standing at the far end of the pasture, shaking their tails off.

Once they saw me, they realized that they had houses though, and ran for shelter… Clever guys… Or something…

They tend to do that. I am not quite sure what happens when they suddenly forget that they have shelter, and stays outside. One of them has to remember the house, and then they are all happy to have rediscovered it. But if no one remembers, they just freeze, until I show up and remind them.

That would have never happened when Poseidon was still alive. No offence to Saleem, but my little pasture does kind of need a strong leader. Saleem is growing with the task, but he is still lacking focus. When he gets wet and cold, he gets miserable and once he is miserable, he stops thinking. Apocalipse should be the second in command, and he should take over, but he doesn’t. He learned that from his mom. If you don’t make it into the houses before you get wet, it is too late… Forever. Then you might as well just surrender to your misery.

So once the Alpha and the second in command fails, one should look to the Beta mare, right?

Trouble is, that is Tardis and she is not herding anyone. She is the one of my horses, who seeks shelter the least. And if she does, she isn’t bringing the others. She just sneaks off on her own.

Marble then, she is clever, right? Well, clearly, she can get stuck among the others, just as well as young Ablaze. If neither Alpha, Beta or right hand man, seeks shelter, no one does.

Luckily, Saleem is a fast learner. When I showed up this evening, he was still in the house, with the kids. Only Tardis and Apocalipse was roaming the pasture.

I am not too worried about them though. I know that most horse owners hate to find their horses shaking from the cold rain, but to be honest… Once they start eating hay and once they do seek shelter, they will be fine without being wrapped up in blankets.

I did discover tonight, that the light on my scooter have finally given out. It has been flickering for a while now, but this evening, it wouldn’t turn on. I have a tiny flashlight in my key chain, and I will say, driving through the dark, with what felt like the light of a candle, was a rather interesting experience. Did I mention that we have no street light and it was snow/raining, and the road is still under water some of the way?

So far, the winter have not really begun, and I am tired of it already.

Add to that, the cat and i broke my phone today, (she has been gunning for it for weeks,) so I will say that both the phone and the scooter in one day, that is just peachy.

I should count myself lucky though, that the snow didn’t really reach my part of the kingdom. And I do. I really try to keep a positive outlook on things. You can’t tell, right? I know. I’ll try and do happier blog posts in the future. Promise.


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