Lundegaard Christmas Event

A friend of mine, have this family tradition. They host a Christmas Event at their farm, every year. The entire family. They all pitch in, with heart and soul, to make it perfect, and beautiful.

I’ll be the first to say, I don’t exactly get it. I don’t really get Christmas, to be honest. My family never really made it a thing. Mostly, for me, it was a time of year where I had to endure snide remarks from everyone in my family, about how I was a vegetarian (I chose that when I was very young,) and how I wouldn’t eat the food. I guess it was a relief for everyone once I found Aston and we started celebrating Christmas with his family.

That said, I can’t help but be amazed by this huge event my friend and her family host every year and I love showing up and taking pictures, so if anyone wants to see what an old Danish farm looks like, inside and out, now is the time to stay on this page.

Lundegaard, 2015.



It’s been raining like crazy lately, hence the water in the courtyard.


Also, the craftsmanship that is displayed every year is pretty astonishing.



These little red fellows are called “Nisser” in Danish, and they are a rather special Danish story. I believe they would be translated into “Elves” in English, but they are no exactly a nice folk.


Mostly they tease and torture people, according the the lore, and if you don’t leave food in the barn for them, all of December, they will come after you. For some reason, us Danes loves the little buggers… Even I have to admit, they are kind of cute.


Its not only Nisser though. People sell everything possibly related to Christmas. Food and drink included, most of it homemade.


People show up here, the same weekend every year, even when it is cold and raining.


I think that is beautiful. This event means so much, to so many people. Even if I am a bit of a cynic, I get how this event brings people together in a cold and dark time, as the winter always is in Denmark. How it gives the participants something to look forward to, and look back on with a smile, once it is over.

If that is not what Christmas should be about, bringing people together, then I don’t know.


So if you are ever in Denmark, by the end of November, don’t miss the Christmas event at Lundegaard. You won’t be disappointed.


Even if you are not all that into Christmas.


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  1. Thank you sweety for the kind words 🙂 We do also feel that it is something very special 🙂

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