Christmas Shopping

About a week ago, the lights suddenly went out on my scooter. I won’t say that it doesn’t have something to do with the water on the roads, that I have forced her to swim through every day for a long time now, but I will say that driving a scooter with no lights, is not only dangerous, (and illegal,) but also pretty impossible as soon as it gets dark.


Anyway, it has meant that I have only been at the stable during day time for the last week, and Aston has been taking the night time feeding in the dark. It has also meant that I have been dodging police cars on my way back and forth for a week now… All in all, it has been a not too awesome experience, but the shop didn’t have time to take it in until now.

That said, when I did finally get to hand it over, it meant that I had four hours to kill without any chance of going home, until the scooter was done. Luckily the shop isn’t too far from one of our biggest shopping malls.

Which means, Toys R Us, of course, and a few other toy stores… Which is really dangerous for me, with all the new My Little Ponies for sale at the moment…

Aston volunteered to go with me though and keep me company, so we did something we have never done before. We totally went Christmas shopping together. (I did threaten him with posting it on Face Book, like real human beings, but I took pity on him in the end.)

Imagine that. Ten years, and we have never done that before.

Now, we know why…

We usually buy most of what we need online. Much easier, much less time wasted, and much, much less people…

To be honest, we went to one of the music/dvd stores at the mall, and the selection was so limited, I can hardly remember how I used to shop in places like that, before we had internet. (Yes I am old enough to having lived most of my life without internet…)

Add to that, nothing was sorted alphabetically, so finding anything seemed nearly impossible, even with the limited amount of different titles available. I quickly started thinking, “where is the ‘search’ button?” Where can I just type a word of the title I am looking for and have all available answers served to me?

I used to love roaming through stores like this one, when I was younger. Looking at all the different music and TV series and movies. The world seemed bigger, in stores like this one, once upon a time. The promise of the stories that was waiting to be told, if I just bought the right dvd, was something I loved almost as much as browsing through book stores.

Now, it wasn’t big enough. The same was true for the book stores. The only thing I found to be mildly entertaining was the re-written Twilight book, but it was only in the stores in Danish, and as such, it costs a fortune, because Danish is such a small language, it is really expensive to print in it.

Another thing that struck me about roaming these stores, was the guards. I have never seen guards at Danish malls before, and all of a sudden, the place was crawling with them. That ought to kill a little of the Christmas spirit…

It instantly makes me wonder why. Are they expecting trouble? Here? Really?

As it turned out, Aston and I managed to spend a whole day, not buying a single Christmas present, because none of the stores had what we were looking for. I did accidentally rescue a few ponies from the toy stores though, so the day wasn’t entirely wasted.


Whenever you get to bring home a Rainbow Dash, it’s been a good day. And the scooter got fixed, so that’s cool too. And Aston and I learned a very important lesson.

We always thought that doing our Christmas shopping online was kind of lazy. Turns out, is isn’t. It is necessary. That’s good to know, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Christmas Shopping

  1. jen says:

    Other than gift certificates, I don’t think I bought a single present from an actual store this year. Everything came from Amazon or Etsy! You couldn’t pay me to walk into a mall this time of year!

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