Slice Of Life S5 E9

I recently came across My Little Pony season 5. Yeah, when you live in Denmark, you have to be a little creative to keep up with your series, since our Netflix only has season 2 and 3. (Buuuuuuh!)

I have to admit, I have been stuck in Supernatural (again,) for a while, (1o and a half seasons; it takes a while to get through,) and as such, I haven’t watched the Friendship is Magic series too fast. Also, my boyfriend keep insisting that I can’t watch it without him, so it takes a while… Anyway.

We came across the 100th episode today, and I have to say. It wins everything.

Best episode ever! 

And I mean, of any series, not just of My Little Pony. This is just… You have to watch it. Really. Pure brilliance. *SPOILERS*

For a Whovian, it is simply fantastic. I always loved Doctor Whooves, and Roseluck, and how they were simple back ground characters all the way through the seasons. I loved how they gave geeks like me a little extra to keep an eye on, while watching the show.

Imagine my surprise, when Doctor Whooves suddenly spoke in this episode. And I mean, really spoke. Not just one liners.

The “Tardis,” shots are brilliant. The suit. The scarf. Even letting him use one of David Tennant’s catch phrases…

I can’t say, that I didn’t laugh from start to end, while watching this episode. It was so in-your-face Doctor Who, you have to wonder if anypony else, besides Hasbro, could get away with it, without facing a lawsuit.

And don’t get me started on the Bon Bon story…

This is My Little Pony when it is best. It is funny, it is surprising, you never know what to expect, and for a 100th celebration episode, turning the 6 main characters into sidekicks, was an awesome idea. Eliminating them from the church in the end… I am sorry, that was just so My Little Pony spirit…

And then, once you realize that this is the first episode, ever, that has had you laughing all the way through, without too much cruelty and evilness, you have that smile wiped clean off your face, with Doctor Whooves’ last remark in the church.

Imagine that. Doctor Who and My Little Pony – cruel, all melting together, in one single scene.

(The pony with the rose as cutiemark, is named Roseluck. FYI.) 

I was kind of feeling sad, that I was going to be watching the last episodes of Supernatural tonight. You know, having spent so many hours with characters you adore, its hard to let go. I always feel that I need some time to adjust to the real world, when I come out on the other side of having disappeared into a series like this.

I have to say, My Little Pony saved me. Slice of Life was the perfect episode for me to come across today. Pulled me clean out of any sense of loss and loneliness, that Supernatural may leave me with.

So, if you like My Little Pony, OR Doctor Who, watch it now.

It’s fantastic.

The link should work… Otherwise, find it, by whatever means necessary. You won’t be disappointed.


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