Happy December

A friend of mine sent me a picture of his dog, wearing a Christmas hat the other day… I figured the gang and I had better try that out too. So here we are, Christmas hat selfies, shot by the old Canon Eos Rebel. I won’t say it was easy…

I will say that the gang did great though. Saleem is very shy around his face, he did not approve, but he never complains either.


I know, he is not wearing it. I am not evil. This is fine, for Saleem. No need to push the matter. He likes it better when I am wearing it.


Marble was unimpressed.


So unimpressed that I couldn’t make her pose while wearing it.


Ablaze knows how to pose though. My next top model.


He is getting so big these days. And he is at long last, changing his baby teeth.


Which makes him bite everything much more than usual…


Be it me, or the hat, nopony cares…


Tardis doesn’t like the camera much, so she didn’t pose with the hat, but not because she cared about the hat…


But it’s pretty hard to snap a selife with this one…


And Apocalipse… Well, he hates having anything on his face. He was down right miserable.

IMG_6716 2 IMG_6733 2

I mean, the abuse.. That poor boy…

Happy December Everypony!


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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