The Christmas Tree

Staying true to the Christmas spirit of my latest posts, I will add one more. The gang got their own tree today….

No ornaments, but still. It’s a Christmas tree.

And they instantly flocked around it.


Not so much for dancing, as for sabotaging and eating, but still… I guess that eating is in the Christmas spirit, right?


I know, its quite a lot smaller than the tree they got last year. But it’s really hard to come by trees that big, this time of year. I am counting on finding one, sometime next year…

I love it how the guys tend to gang up on things, and how Marble is always allowed to join them. Tardis, on the other hand, waits patiently until the wolf-pack has gone, before she displays interest.


She is a lady, after all. She shares with nopony. Especially not those savages.


Marble tends to feel the same way. She prefers to hunt alone as well. I guess it’s a girl-thing.


Even if she is never above sharing with our gentle Alpha, Saleem…


So yeah, we are totally getting into the Christmas spirit around here. Eating trees and stuff…

In all honesty, Ablaze is changing his teeth, and he is driving me crazy, biting at everything. He is eating my houses, the poles that keep up the roof, you name it, and it looks like there has been an army of hungry hamsters by, gnawing on my wood. Feeding him a tree, usually takes the edge off. Fingers crossed it will work again.

I know. I can’t keep up the “Christmas spirit thing” for too long. But I try. That counts, doesn’t it?


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