Beaver Protection

First off, let me start by apologizing for the picture quality in this post. My phone is so broken, it’s not even funny anymore and I didn’t think to bring the Canon Eos. You know me, well planned as always. I almost forgot to bring a hammer, so…

Okay, Ablaze is changing teeth, I believe I have bitched and moaned about that before. Marble has joined him in his endeavor to eat my house though, so Aston and I decided that we had to do something about it. After all, a handful of eager beavers (okay, so I have been watching Veronica Mars again,) is very quickly killing my poles.

So, we spent today, setting up a net around the poles, trying to keep the kids from killing the house.


Tardis joined in quickly.


She was not a fan. Ablaze thought it was real scary and came by a couple of times, spooking himself, and running off again. Marble came by once, and instantly started biting higher up on the poles, just to prove that if we didn’t wrap the entire house in metal net, she would not be stopped. Saleem, ever shy, stopped by as well, and looked at us for a while, without comment. Apocalipse ignored us with the dignity I have only ever found in one other horse- his mother. Tardis lingered though. Once she got over the spooky net, she actually found it kind of funny.


She wasn’t entirely well behaved though. She always becomes a bit of a bully when she is ignored and she didn’t like how Aston wasn’t paying attention to her, so she started scratching her tail against the pole he was trying to metal-coat.


I am a bit curious to see if it is going to work though.


Once we were done, Ablaze came by for some road testing, and he wasn’t impressed.


I will say, the net won. For now. Who knows, though, how stubborn he is. It would be nice if the rain would let up. He has a lot of trees he can bite, he just has to go outside to get to it. I am not putting the trees inside the houses, that is too dangerous, if they push each other around in there.

And before I complain too much, I guess I should add this picture of Saleem on the road the other day.

d02c6ec8-09ee-47d8-9e4f-e3c304382d25 edit

One of those rare days, where the rain stopped and the sun came out and reminded us all of how this is much too warm for December in Denmark. It is days like this one though, where I get to wrap a rope around my horse’s neck and take him for a walk down the road in the sun, that I remember why I stick with being an equestrian.

Why I don’t mind spending an entire day hammering net on poles, or driving around town buying Christmas trees, so that my two and a half year old can get some fresh tree to gnaw on, why I still, after 21 years as a horse owner, get up every morning and go out into the cold ice rain we have all winter, just to feed the horses.

Walking Saleem down that road, on a sunny day, with nothing on his face to control him, that is why I still do it. All of it.


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