Play It Again, Dick- Series


I guess it is no surprise to anyone by now, that I adore the Veronica Mars series. I have been kind of reluctant to give the spin off a chance though. I mean, Dick? Really? In Veronica Mars, Dick is kind of everything that is wrong with teenage boys, isn’t he? A spin off around him?

I have to admit, watching the show again, Dick is kind of growing on me. (No pun intended, stop it!) He does have some really good scenes, and even if he is still annoying, watching the show as a grown up, (did I just say that?) he is a better character than he was for me, when I was younger.

So, I surrendered and gave the web-series, Play it again, Dick, a chance.

It is pretty awesome, truth be told. There, I said it.

It is surprising, it is funny and above all, it is ready, willing and able to make fun of the entire cast for Veronica Mars. A lot of the actors from the original show, stop by for an episode or two, which is pretty amazing. Getting so many people together for a web series, with ten minutes episodes, that is just well done.

So, what’s it about? Well…

The actor, playing Dick, want to get the cast back together for a spin off about Dick. That is basically the entire show. And it works, in a strange, you can’t stop watching it, enthralling kind of way.

I got to say, the episode with Enrico… Perfect. Just… brilliant.

Anyway, it is not a long series, so there is not much to say, really, except this. If you were thinking, like me, that you wouldn’t like it; don’t. Please give this show a chance. It is hilarious. If you have any sense of humor at all, (which I am guessing you do, if you like Veronica Mars,) you will like this show.

If you haven’t watched Veronica Mars though, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It is not so much a stand-alone series. But that said, if you haven’t watched Veronica Mars yet, that does raise one, very serious question.

Why not? What is wrong with you? Get to watching it. Now!


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2 Responses to Play It Again, Dick- Series

  1. jen says:

    We’re HUGE Veronica Mars fans!!! Best. Show. Ever. (Other than Firefly). Gonna have to check this Dick series out! And I agree – he was the poster boy for bad teenage behavior. But at the same time, there was an honesty about his character that I appreciated – he was who he was and people could either accept that or not.

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