Carry On

I finally went to see the new Star Wars last night. I am not a huge fan of the old ones, (only watched one of them) but I found myself getting more and more stuck in front of the computer, reading Destiel fan fiction- it’s an addiction, really, once you get sucked in, you are lost- and I realized that I had to snap out of it. So, Star Wars…

No, don’t worry, I won’t write about it just yet. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone who have not had the time to watch it yet. All I will say is that it was pretty awesome, and much, much better than I had expected, and I may have to watch the other movies after all… So if you have not watched it yet, make sure that you do. I know that I will be picking up X Wing again… I have a Tie swarm that has to beat a Falcon…

I came home though, to find Twitter being busy trending “Carry on and ship Destiel.” Worldwide.

Like I said, it’s an addiction… Somehow, it is comforting, that I am not the only one…

That was not what was truly awesome about it though. I have to say, for the internet to unite like that, on December 23th, the night before Christmas, (clearly, nerds like me, have no social life so this is what we do, even during the holidays,) around a fictional gay couple, that is amazing.

For those of you not caught in the Destiel trap yet, its Dean and Castiel from Supernatural. Basically, the fandom is torn in two, those who want them to be together, and those who don’t. And then there is the Wincest shippers, but that is another story.

This will keep me smiling for a long time though, knowing that for two hours, the night before Christmas, Twitter was supporting the union of two very popular, male characters. From a show where guys have to be macho, cool, and ready, willing and able to go through hell, (literally,) purgatory and even heaven, and come out nearly unchanged.

That is reassuring somehow. Not just because I want Dean and Castiel to be together, but because so many people are openly supporting same sex unions.

My faith in humanity is slightly restored after this. Perhaps there is hope for the future, after all. I only lost about three followers, from re-tweeting it myself… That is pretty good, I guess…

So, happy Christmas.

And carry on…


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