Christmas Miracle

They say that Christmas is a time for miracles. Well, here is my Christmas miracle;


Yeah, that’s Tardis and Saleem, sharing hay. That only took three years…

People say that horses talk on Christmas eve. When I was a child, I was pretty good at escaping the family Christmas, and sneaking off to my stable. I guess that growing up with a sick horse like Pik’si, had its upsides. I never ran out of excuses for why I had to go to the stable in the middle of the Christmas dinner…

The horses never spoke though. Disappointingly enough. But I will say, there is something magical about that evening. Not because I am religious, because I ain’t, but because the world is silent. Every soul is inside their homes, no cars on the roads, no shops open, nothing. Just silence.

Christmas eve and January the first, in the morning. I guess those are two of my favorite days of the year, to hang with the horses. The feeling of being all alone in the world, with nothing to distract us from each other, that is one special experience.


That said, the boyfriend’s family kind of make a big deal out of Christmas, so I have not been at the stable on Christmas eve since I met him. The things you sacrifice… We always do have a nice evening though, even if it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to watch people eat meat.

That was always one of the issues for me, with my own family. They would kind of try and bully me into eating like a normal person, where as the boyfriend’s family accepts and respects that we don’t eat meat. They do, though. I should respect that. I keep telling myself that. Truth is, I don’t. I can’t. I never could, no matter how much I tried.

I can’t stand hearing about how great the duck tastes, or people asking for another thigh. I can’t wrap my mind around how that isn’t wrong.

I mean, I get that way, way back in the day, it might have been necessary to eat some of the animals on the farms, during winter, for your own family to survive. But now? Nobody needs to support the abuse, torture and murder of animals, to survive anymore.

It’s a funny feeling. I always tend to silently analyse people, which may be why I always feel like an outsider, no matter how lovely people I am around. I just can’t connect the dots here. How one can be an emphatic, sympathetic, loving person, and still love to eat pork. I mean, we all know how that pig suffered before it ended up on that plate, don’t we? It’s not like it is a secret how the industry treats their animals? And besides, that pig was just as clever as your dog, perhaps more, and could have lived for the next 20 years, if he hadn’t been killed.

So, yeah. I am not good with people. I like being alone in the world, with my horses. At least, they make sense to me. When Tardis and Saleem won’t eat of the same pile of hay, it’s because Tardis won’t accept him as the Alpha, and he in turn, has chosen Marble to be his Beta, which Tardis won’t accept, because that spot was rightfully hers. That, I get.

And when they are slowly starting to stop their little war, it is because Marble is taking on the responsibility of the Beta mare these days, and Tardis is letting her. Then, she has no bone to pick with Saleem anymore…

I see a future with even less drama on my pasture now. Let’s hope it lasts. Truth be told, I am kind of with Saleem on this one. I adore Tardis, but Marble is going to make a better Beta mare, once she gets a little older. She is far less prone to throwing tantrums.

I guess that is why I do so well with Tardis…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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