The Other Way

Its raining again. A lot. Everything is under water. I swear, this is going to be the first winter ever, where the pasture won’t be muddied up completely, because it is under water, and the horses are tired of playing in water by now.

And then, there are days, where you just wish there was another way. To the stable, that is. Like this evening, for instance. I know it is hard to tell from the picture, because my phone is not really helping me out here, with the whole “taking pictures on a dark and rainy night” thing, but this is basically what I can see of the road in some places. (Street light is overrated in Denmark…)

dark water 3

What it is, is dark water. The line of light, is the light from my scooter, trying to help me out and failing. I have no idea where the road is, most of the time. The little blue light, is my scooter telling me that it is fighting for me.

I  have to say, it is pretty amazing, driving blind like this. The whole feeling of not knowing how deep the water is, when it will end, if you are still on the road or if you will crash into the wayside any second… Okay, amazing may not be the right word. But it is a special kind of experience. And I am sure there has to be another way…

Thanks for that guys… I would say, that I am sorry for turning everything into a Supernatural reference these days, but I am really not. If that is what it takes to make me smile, despite it all,  then that’s what I’ll do… If it wasn’t that the horses depends on me to feed them, I am sure I would try that other way sometime.

Imagine that. Just turning around…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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